Monday, March 21, 2016

GA: Man Shoots Car Thief, is Charged with Murder

Atlanta police were securing murder warrants Sunday against a man who shot at least five times and killed a suspected car thief in southwest Atlanta on Saturday, police said.

Witnesses outside a gas station told Channel 2 Action News they watched a man open fire on a man who climbed into a black sedan that was left running on the side of the store.

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Old 1811 said...

Which brings up the Number One rule of lawful gun use: NEVER SHOOT TO PROTECT PROPERTY!
Whatever your personal feelings, the law says that any human life, even that of a car thief, is more valuable than any piece of property. Unless the thief is an imminent threat to human life, don't shoot him.
You have no duty to pursue and apprehend, and no concomitant qualified immunity. But guess who does! The people on the other end of your 911 call. Leave property crimes to them.