Thursday, March 24, 2016

AZ: Media Company Pays for Firearms Safety Instruction

Another company has paid for firearms safety training for employees.  What is interesting about this company is that it is a media company.  After decades of dominance by philosophically identical members of a media that propagandized for more and more infringements on the Second Amendment, this is a refreshing difference.  Not surprisingly, the media company is part of the new media. From
Liftable Media, Inc., the parent company of Western Journalism, paid for its employees to go through a concealed carry certification course over the weekend.

About half of the staff took the company up on the offer and participated in four hours of teaching by active and former police officers with Arizona Defensive Firearms Training.
Liftable Media is not shy about its philosophical roots and affiliations.  It does not try to convince you that it is neutral about everything, and that all values are the same.  For example, it actively seeks truth. From
Liftable Media, Inc is a media company that drives positive cultural change through media, truth, and storytelling. We are a Top 10 digital publisher consistently ranked among the Top 50 most visited media networks in the U.S. and we receive over 150 million pageviews each month in our network. We are proud to operate some of the world’s top conservative news and commentary news sites, including and Liftable Media, Inc also operates growing lifestyle sites and
For decades Second Amendment supporters have held to the truism that one of the easiest ways to convert some one into a Second Amendment supporter is to take them shooting.  Introducing a significant percentage of a media outfit's staff to the experience of shooting is a good way to improve their knowledge and writing ability about shooting and Second Amendment related stories.  It is much harder to be blindly prejudiced against an activity once you have actually experienced it.

I suggested that the Bloomberg funded propaganda workshop for media personnel, that was held in Phoenix, include an evening's experience at the range.  I was not surprised when my suggestion was ignored.  The disarmist media are usually ignorant about guns, and proud of their ignorance.

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