Thursday, March 24, 2016

ID: Calls to Governor Otter for and against Permitless Carry 50-50

With the Idaho legislature's permitless or "Constitutional" carry bill on Governor Butch Otter's desk, I read a comment on the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance facebook page that seemed unlikely. It seemed that numerous disarmists were calling the Governor's office to urge a veto.  From the ISAA facebook page:
SB 1389, Constitutional Carry, was delivered to the Governor's office yesterday (March 21st) at 2:40 p.m.

That means today is the 1st of 5 days he has to act.

The gentleman I spoke with said that the calls were 5 to 1 againat Constitutional Carry. Bloomberg is clearly spending money to make it look like Idahoans are opposed.
Better step up your game!


I called Governor Otter's office to see what was happening with the bill, and what sort of opposition it was getting.   I was refereed to the Press office.  As expected, they are very busy because this is the end of the legislative session.  They are handling large numbers of calls on numerous issues.

Most of the callers are from out of state.  I was told that this was common on issues involving abortions, wolves, and guns. 

On the particular issue of permitless or "Constitutional" carry, the phone calls are running 50/50 for and against.

The Governor's office confirmed that they have until 2:40 p.m. on Saturday to veto or sign the bill.

If the veto occurs after the end of the legislative session, there will not be any reasonable chance to override the Governor's veto, because the Governor would have to call the legislature back into a special session for an override.

I do not see that as happening.

Permitless carry passed the legislature with veto proof margins.  27-8 in the Senate, 54-15 in the House.  It has the endorsement of the Idaho Sheriffs Association and the Fraternal Order of Police.

The comments on the Governor's facebook page are overwhelmingly in favor of permitless carry.  Here is a typical comment:
Chris Fullmer Governor Otter, please show that you uphold to Constitution by signing SB 1389. Do not be swayed by out of state influences like Michael Bloomberg who would try and control us. Stand true to your oath.
Governor Otter has a reputation as Second Amendment Supporter.  I will be surprised if he vetoes S 1389.  We will know by Saturday afternoon.

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