Thursday, March 24, 2016

Followup SC: Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Jimmy Joe Methe for Shooting Running Teen Thief

A Kershaw County grand jury has refused to indict a Camden man charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting and killing a 17-year-old who was apparently trying to siphon gasoline from the man’s pickup truck in the middle of the night in February.

The teen, Brandon Spencer, was running away at the time after trying to steal some gasoline from the truck of Jimmy Joe Methe, 49, while it was parked in front of his Norden Drive home in Camden, according to evidence in the case.

Methe shot Spencer once in the back of the head from a distance of 37 yards as Spencer was fleeing down a street with an accomplice – apparently another youth – around 3 a.m. Feb. 13, Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said Friday.

The charges Matthews had filed against Methe now will be dismissed

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191145 said...

Lynch and DOJ won't let this go.

Anonymous said...

Even the "you cannot shoot them when they are running away" myth is being demolished - finally.

Look, it is this simple.

I do not get to walk up to you, punch you in the face and then run away, then claiming that you were not exercising self defense because I was running away. The original act committed is not absolved because of flight!

Likewise, the "you cannot defend property" with armed action is falling asunder as well. People are tired of being told the thieves have free run! It is about time.

Now, of COURSE it is true that some gasoline isn't worth death, BUT it is the thieves who now must learn that lesson. We The People are sick and tired of the nonsensical idiocy that affords liars cheats and thieves the upper hand.

Don't want to die over gasoline? Well, don't try to STEAL it and you won't get a "death sentence". Pretty elementary, eh?

I have been saying for years that Heller and McDonald were a left hook and a straight right that knocked modern day gun control out, and it is proving to be true. Each and every level of the pathetic anti-second amendment case law and myth law built over decades is being smacked down and ran away from legislatively all over the place. As in this case, even Grand Juries are starting to hand gun grabbing and rights abusing prosecutors their hind ends.

It is about dang time.
There will be more of this.

We, the gun rights community, hold the winning hand. Bet Big, and often. It won't be long before just the bets (legislation introduced) steals the pot b the grabbers just folding...realizing that they really have no hand left to play.

Pointing to the stun gun decision, it is clear that SCOTUS is salty that lower courts are trying to ignore the Heller/McDonald precedent set. They tire already of having their time spent dealing with this when they have indeed acted and decided straightforwardly.

All bearable arms are indeed protected. It really is a individual right. it really is a privilege and a immunity. It really does pre exist government itself and it really is endowed by our creator - from the time we are created. It really is fundamental and it really is NO DIFFERENT from the First Amendment. Ummm and that means they really DO have to apply all that PLUS Strict Scrutiny.

I believe a signal has been sent to We The People.
We should stop ALL legislative remedy attempts - as they are endlessly futile.
We should start seeking judicial remedies, for all the infringements and abridgements that exist now.

Either people will end the drama like this case here - a refusal to prosecute in the first place
the judiciary at the highest level will smack around the lower courts for a plain failure to ITSELF follow the Supreme Law even when the highest Court tells them exactly what that is.

Psssssst - hey gun crowd.....we are finally in a dominant position, winning, and with the best and most ammo we have had in at least half a century, maybe a century and a half! How about we start acting like it, rather than being AFRAID!

Dean Weingarten said...
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Dean Weingarten said...

To 191145 Colt:

The 17-year-old in this case was white, so the justice department is unlikely to be interested.

Don't you know? Only black lives matter to the Obama Department of Justice.