Thursday, April 20, 2017

Followup MD: Man who shot Firefighters Sentenced to Four Years on Weapons Charge

The firefighters were breaking into Lumkin's home. Lumpkin was ill with diabetes.

Darrell Lumpkin, 62, pleaded guilty this year to an illegal-weapon charge in the shooting that left Ulmschneider dead and injured another firefighter as well as Lumpkin’s brother.

“I’m sorry for the family,” Lumpkin said at his sentencing hearing Friday afternoon. “I was sick at the time.”

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Anonymous said...

Pleading guilty was absolutely stupid. If the fire fighters had not illegally entered his home there would have been no incident. the evidence of the fire arm would never have been known. He must have been very sick not to be able to shoot them all. Most door ways will only let one person through at a time. shooting stops when the door way is full or they stop trying to get in. technically they can not come in to remove the bodies if they could not come in to start with. If they can not come in they can not identify the weapon. No weapon no crime. If they can not see a weapon there is no probable cause to look for one because they were not there legally to start with. I learned the law for the very purpose of knowing when the cops are violating my rights. it happened too many times. I'm very happy knowing I can shoot first and not answer questions for exercising my rights. I have helped do body counts. doesn't bother me at all. My shoes have been stuck to the floor standing in dried blood.