Sunday, April 30, 2017

Remington Introduces new Firearm, not a pistol, rifle, or shotgun

870 Security shotgun above, 870 Tac 14 Firearm below

The BATFE ruling that firearms that are more than 26 inches in length, but are not manufactured to be fired from the shoulder, are neither pistols or shotguns or rifles, but merely "firearms" has resulted in a new type of defensive firearm. The Remington Tac 14 is now available and has suggested retail price of $443.05. Store prices will likely be in the $400 range.

These type of firearms have been produced by small manufacturers for years. Two years ago, I predicted that the major manufacturers would come on board, if the small manufacturers proved popular. At that time, I had not considered a Donald Trump Presidency. From the article two years ago:
The usual sequence is that when small manufacturers find a profitable market, large manufactures start production of their own models to take advantage of it. I will be watching to see if Mossberg or other large firms start offering pistol grip 12 gauge firearms of similar configurations.

It is an interesting time, and I believe the end result will be reform of federal gun laws, to something far more rational and less burdensome than now exists.
The Trump Presidency has created a more firearms friendly legal environment. Both Mossberg and Remington have come out with this type of legal firearm.  These firearm models make a mockery of the entire silly NFA regulatory scheme. From the previous article: 
These short guns firing shotgun shells have obvious self defense applications.  There is no reason why these guns should be treated any different than ordinary pistols.   Functionally, they are either large pistols or small shotguns.   Both shotguns and pistols are constitutionally protected by the Heller and McDonald decisions.   There is no valid reason for treating these firearms any differently than other shotguns or pistols. 

Except for the legacy issues created by the NFA, GCA1968, FOPA and the various BATFE letter rulings.    Those are what puts the ATF in a box, and why they are reported to be sweating.. dare I say it.. bullets.

David Hardy sums it up well:

Every shotgun but the diminutive .410 has a bore greater than half an inch. The "sporting purpose" exemption doesn't apply, since that is limited to shotguns, and as we have seen, these firearms are not "shotguns" under the definitions of the NFA. 
The situation as it stands is thus: BATF must never have realized that these firearms are NFA "destructive devices," and as a result thousands, if not millions, are in private possession of persons who bought them legitimately over the counter, with no reason to suspect that there was anything legally amiss.
The mere pictures of the above firearms show how arcane and irrational national firearms law has become.   There are people in jail for possession of firearms that are no different, functionally, from what the ATF has ruled do not require $200 taxes and do not fall under the NFA. 
The next logical step would be for these firearms to sport arm braces, that have already been ruled as legal for pistols.  Here is an example from Black Aces Tactical:

Photo from Black Aces Tactical

Notice that it uses a Sig arm brace (not a stock) and receiver extension to make the ATF length requirement of more than 26 inches.  The 10 round detachable magazine is quite interesting.  H/T to  Another model has the same receiver extension, except that the extension folds.

How long before Remington or Mossberg offers arm braces? Neither companies' representatives at the NRA Annual meeting were willing to speculate.

A logical evolution would be a semi-auto version. It is noteworthy that the Remington V3 shotgun has no operating parts in the shoulder stock.  The recoil springs are under the barrel, allowing for a pistol grip stock to be functional. Will we see a Remington semi-auto firearm a little over 26 inches in length, based on the V3?  Only time will tell.

The future regulation of short barreled shotguns (SBS) and short barreled rifles (SBR) is on shaky ground.

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Anonymous said...

I have a Mossberg 500. Pistol grips and short barrels have been available for many years. it takes about five minutes to change over from stock and long barrel.

Anonymous said...

With the recoil of a 12 gauge I think an arm brace just might break your forearm.

Anonymous said...

Remington high base double O buck 12 gauge is a new world of recoil.

Anonymous said...

My life is just as important to me as the president's is to him. we all take chances leaving our home. If the secrete service believes the president is not safe and they can not protect him let him stay in the home we pay for. I can not afford to pay people to protect me. but I am paying for people to protect the president. they can always get a different job.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing in the law that forbids the president from wearing a fast draw rig to protect himself. If the second amendment is enforced as written. No body replaces me in a heart beat, I'm just dead. I believe the President does need protection but so do I. The supreme court has ruled the policeman's job is to investigate crime and arrest suspects, they have no responsibility to protect anyone without a court order or in custody. that leaves self defense up to the individual. anyone gets harmed while in custody, jail or prison that is a law suit. out of jail, prison or custody self defense is your problem. even ex cons need self defense rights. If they are not fit to be out of custody why are they out of jail? why do you think there are so many repeat offenders, they are afraid to be on the street.

Anonymous said...

We all talk about the right of self defense. If you admit that is a God given right why does government think it can take that right away when you are no longer in custody? the constitution does not give any one any thing. it was created to make it the responsibility of government to protect your rights not remove them at will. every free man has the God given right of self defense if not in custody. if you can not be responsible then back to jail you go. or some responsible person has to kill you and you no longer break the law. If prison/ jail time accomplished its purpose we would have fewer of them not building more. makes sense and lowers taxes

Anonymous said...

Most professional politicians have never had a job that got dirt under their finger nails or a callous on their hands and they write these laws. they hire the people to get dirty hands. I once shook Rudy Julianne's hand, If he had been female I might have asked him out. I think he has never picked up any thing heaver than a pen. Our government was not designed to let people become professional politicians. we do not need legal experts to write common sense laws. we certainly have too many laws acts and regulation passed by people that do not know one end of gun from the other, they may be to ignorant to know which side of the blade of a knife is sharp. why do we keep electing these do nothings or do wrongs to write laws they know nothing about? real experts should be used for technical reference.