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Open Carry Muslim posts Video with Weapons and F-Bombs at Christian Event

An American Muslim who open and concealed carries weapons got into trouble for a facebook live video. He filmed and posted the video outside of a Christian event that some called "anti-Muslim". The event occurred on April 9th, 2017.

Ehad Abdulmutta Jaber bought tickets for the event and was wearing the T-shirt pictured above. The Shirts says:

I am an American

I am a Muslim

I open carry

I concealed carry

I am only dangerous

If you are stupid.

Ehad entered the event wearing the shirt and openly carrying a holstered pistol. He was concealed carrying another pistol in an ankle holster.  One account said he was filming the event, but he was only there for a few minutes.

Ehad was approached by a security guard and asked to leave, as firearms were prohibited at the venue. By all accounts, Ehad was asked to leave politely, and he politely left. It was after he left the venue and was inside his van in the parking lot, that he made a serious error.

He posted a live facebook video of himself, speaking of the event.  Here are links to the video.  I found the dailymail link easier to view, it is not a reverse image.


Video at 

Ehad has First and Second Amendment rights. He says that he is an American citizen who has lived in Sioux Falls for 25 years. The T-Shirt is clearly a political statement.

The video may have been a bridge too far.  In the video, Ehad says that he was at the event. He is upset, and uses considerable profanity. He says "And now if you really want to be scared, be scared," he then briefly displays four semi-auto pistols, an AR-15 type rifle, and an AK type firearm that might be either a pistol or a rifle.  He also shows that he has ammunition. He says "be terrified". Up to this point, the video may be taken as sarcasm.

A Police officer said that Jaber was not arrested at the rally. The officer is quoted as saying that there was no direct threat. From
“He had a lot of guns with him, but he wasn’t breaking any laws. He didn’t threaten anybody directly, he didn’t threaten any groups of people anything like that and it’s not illegal to carry guns or have guns with you,” says Officer Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Police say Jaber does have open carry and concealed carry permits. They also spoke with him, so did the FBI. Police say the information was sent to the Lincoln County State’s Attorney’s Office and no charges will be made.

“You have to have some type of specific threat or manner, just having a gun just because it alarms people doesn’t constitute a threat. That doesn’t mean you are going to harm people,” says Clemens.
But Jaber's last statement on the video may make a significant difference. His last sentence was "F*ck all ya all."

I have written, read, and participated in open carry and Second Amendment events over considerable parts of the country.  I have some sympathy for Ehad Jaber. Posting a video in the parking lot of an event that you are protesting, showing a number of legal weapons, while telling people to be scared, to be terrified, is extremely unusual and provocative.

Then to say "F*ck all ya all." is over the line. I have never seen anyone at any of the events I attended or wrote about, or read about, tell people to be scared and terrified, as they handled weapons, or to make the F-bomb threat. Those are dozens of events over the years.

I could follow the sarcasm up to the last F-bomb. Then it became ambiguous.

After a little study, the Lincoln County AG made the decision to arrest Jaber and charge him with one count of a terrorist threat. From
A man who authorities say brought weapons to an anti-Islam event earlier this month has been arrested on charges that he made a terrorist threat, according to a release from the South Dakota Attorney General.

Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber, 45, was arrested Friday and charged with one count of terrorist threat, despite an earlier indication from Sioux Falls police that the man would face no charges.

When Jaber was arrested, a search was made of his residence. Law enforcement reports that they found methamphetamine.
A SWAT team was dispatched along with local police, Forster said, but once they arrived, Jaber was taken into custody in a "standard operation."

During a search of Jaber’s residence, the release said, law enforcement seized firearms as well as methamphetamine.
The methamphetamine find seems fortuitous for law enforcement; but it might explain the rant and poor choice of words in the facebook video.

To look at this objectively, consider if the religions were reversed. Suppose a Christian had worn the shirt with "Christian" instead of "Muslim" to a Muslim event. Suppose a Christian had made the facebook video. My experience is that the Christian would quickly have been arrested.

That is why you do not see such activity at other open carry events. There are many open carry events that you can see on the Internet. The participants are polite to the police, as was Ehab. They do not go to a van in the parking lot of an event they are protesting, and then post a video that can easily be taken as threatening.

I wish Ehad well, but fear he has made a mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life.  When you are politically active for both the First and Second Amendments, there is no room for foolish bravado.

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Anonymous said...

I have made an effort to follow this Christian verses Muslim issue very carefully. What I find as written and historical fact is what I have based my opinions on. Barrack Ozero has stated On numerous occasions that this is not a Christian nation and made several comments about how much Muslims have contributed to our culture and society.. Well Nothing like telling one lie after another to express your ignorance and prove your incompetence. History tells us that we, the united states, declared war on the Somali Muslim pirates in the year 1805 for making raids against the south eastern coastal states and their involvement in slavery. we sent our navy to Somalia and invaded and kicked their ass. The Sisters of Trinity decision by the US Supreme court of 1892 declared this is a Christian Nation dedicated to the God of the Christian religion and that our constitution and our laws are based on the doctrine and Principals of the Christian religion and our Bible. That same decision also states that Islam is a fake religion. A fake religion has no standing for recognition under our first amendment for any consideration of constitutional protections. I consider the Sisters of Trinity Decision one of the best and most inclusive rulings ever issued by the Supreme court. In that ruling it also states. Anchor babies are as illegal as their illegal parents. the supreme court coined the term Anchor Babies. the 1952 immigration law requires one legal citizen natural parent at the time of birth for any child to gain citizenship at birth. Muslims/Islamists are by their so called religion , forbidden to take an oath of allegiance to our country therefore there is no way they can complete the necessary requirements to become citizens of this country. If you can find an original copy of the 1952 immigration law. it says Islamists are forbidden to immigrate to this country because their fake religion is 180% degrees in opposition to our constitution totally conflicts with our culture and our society and can not possibly co exist with our people and our laws. I have been unable to find any Islamist in our history that made a valuable contribution to this nation. I would be happy to argue the many legal points of Islamic citizenship being legal in this country. Islam its self is seditious. the Practice of Islam could cause loss of citizenship. the mess this country is in concerning immigration is because the laws that have been on the books for decades have been ignored.

Anonymous said...

One thing all Good Americans should know is that the constitution specifically states " the United States Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND. Well this physically means no other law can be held above our constitution. Not United Nations edicts, NATO regulations or even World court rulings. the only strength our constitution has is when our citizens enforce its sovereign authority by blood when required. That is what our military and the structure of government is for. In more specific wording this means we do not take shit off of any one from any where for any reason. there is no power greater than our constitution under GOD. Read what the Bible tells us. You can be forgiven anything except denying that the Holy Spirit exists. We did not have the Holy Spirit until Jesus died on the cross. to deny the Holy spirit is to deny that Jesus died on the Cross and is the only unforgiveable sin. ISLAMISTS consider Jesus merely a prophet. We do not need to take action against Islamists except in self defense. sending them to hell is God's authority. some of them just get there faster when they confront armed Christians they intend to or try to assault or harm. This is the very reason God gave Christians the right of self defense. The Bible allows for people to be put to death for murder when there are three eye witnesses that will take an oath they are testifying as to physically seeing the act of murder committed.

Anonymous said...

Seems like I am preaching, but with the confusion of what the so called righteous Christians are claiming what is supposed to be Bible based Christian Doctrine, I think that doctrine needs to be clarified. In my opinion the KJV version of the Christian Bible is far more accurate than the NIV version. I call the NIV version the useless liberal text. thou shalt not kill is far different than thou shalt not commit murder. Murder is planning to kill someone for revenge or personal gain. Revenge is mine Saith the Lord, I will repay. It is not murder to defend your self and kill. soldiers are not held accountable for battle field killing. If you think killing is wrong then read the Book of Joshua In the old testament. God Holds us accountable for knowing the truth reading the Bible is the only way to know exactly what it says. You will be held accountable for letting any one mislead you. Call No other FATHER before ME said God the Father. what do they call the Catholic POPE? Jesus died to gain the authority to forgive sin. then saying a thousand hale Mary's accomplishes absolutely nothing. Islamist Call Jesus a good Prophet. what does one Islamist at the final barbgue say to the other Islamists. we are well done.

Anonymous said...

Self defense does not require being harmed first, You can claim self defense when preventing harm. Not a good idea but if a cop draws on you for no valid reason it is self defense to put a stop to that crime. Legally if a cop criminally assaults you with a fire arm without first stating a crime you have committed and that you are being arrested for that crime. that cop has committed a felony. any cop that commits a felony under color of law has violated his oath of office and is no longer a valid law enforcement officer. everything any one does after violating their oath of office is invalid. Wearing a badge is not unlimited immunity.

Anonymous said...

THE SEDITION ACT IS A LAW THAT WILL FACILITATE THE REMOVEAL OF ANY ONE FROM THIS COUNTRY NATIVE BORN OR NOT. If you are found guilty of sedition your citizenship can be revoked and you can be deported. in fact everything from being deported to executed applies.

esnitue said...

If someone did this on my property and threatened me in this way, belonged to a cult that officially endorses terror and murder against non-cultists he would never do it again. The US Constitution is not a suicide note no matter what the Regressive Left says