Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nebraska Preemption Bill in Play

Governor Pete Rickets of Nebraska

Nebraska's preemption bill has moved forward in a significant way.  Bill LB68 was voted on by the Government Military, and Veterans Affairs committed and passed 33 - 11.  The Nebraska legislature is unicameral, with only 49 members. The committee vote was a vote of the whole legislature, and makes it very likely the legislation will pass.  The Governor, Pete Rickets, claims to strongly support the Second Amendment. His signature seems probable.

The Legislature voted 32-12 to advance a bill that would require state law to override municipal gun regulations in Nebraska. Supporters of the measure narrowly defeated a filibuster by senators who argued cities and villages ought to control gun possession in their communities.

The advancement of the bill puts Nebraska one step closer to passing what likely is the most significant expansion of gun rights since lawmakers enacted a concealed carry law in 2006.

Senators adopted an amendment that provides exceptions that allow Omaha to continue to ban open carry of handguns in public places. It also permits Omaha to keep certain rules on transporting firearms through the city that won’t apply to other places.
Some horse trading was done to get the bill passed. Omaha gave up their requirement for handgun registration, but hung on to the power to ban the open carry of firearms by people who do not have a Concealed Handgun Permit.

Other than the open carry exception for Omaha, the bill is a strong preemption bill.   The bill allows individuals and organizations to sue local governments that violate preemption, and to recover expenses.

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