Monday, April 17, 2017

Requiring CCW for Employees: A Smart Move

In a recent defense story from Cleveland, Ohio, a man said that he had a concealed carry permit because his past employer required it. From
He said he has a concealed carry permit because he used to work at a barbershop, and the owner required barbers to get their concealed carry licenses for their protection.
I suspect that more businesses are taking this approach. It brings about many benefits. Last year, we had the example of a Georgia business owner who required his employees to be armed. He would give them a Taurus Judge revolver when they showed him their concealed carry permit.

Here are a few of the advantages.  They have been hidden behind false narratives and misinformation about people who legally carry guns.

1. Employees with a concealed carry permit are a deterrent to robbery and physical attacks on the business premises.  This may seem obvious, but you will find many who claim, without support, that it is not so.  Having more than one employee armed at a location makes it an extremely unattractive target.  There are too many variables, and too much to go wrong for any thinking robber.

2. There is an obvious, clear screen to limit employees to a select, high quality level.  Permit holders are self selected to be one of the most law abiding, responsible groups in the nation.  Their crime rates are only a fraction of those of police officers; they are many more times as law abiding as the general population.

3. Your employees are in a group that puts a high value on personal responsibility and self reliance.  This is the group least likely to blame you for personal failures, or to see your business as a potential source of a "liability lottery".  They look ahead, see problems, and do things about them. 

4. The state is now doing a continuous screening process for you, one that is actionable and clear.  If an employee becomes likely to have problems (according to the state, not the employer), their permit will be taken from them.  The employer then has reason to dismiss the employee.

In some states there is another benefit.

Wisconsin, Kansas, and Tennessee offer immunity from lawsuit if the employer allows employees to be armed. From Wis. Stat. § 175.60(21)(b), (c):
(b) A person that does not prohibit an individual from carrying a concealed weapon on property that the person owns or occupies is immune from any liability arising from its decision.
From 75-7c10(c)(2)
(2) Any private entity which does not provide adequate security measures in a private building and which allows the carrying of a concealed handgun shall not be liable for any wrongful act or omission relating to actions of persons carrying a concealed handgun concerning acts or omissions regarding such handguns.

(a) A person, business, or other entity that owns, controls, or manages property and has the authority to prohibit weapons on that property by posting, pursuant to § 39–17–1359, shall be immune from civil liability with respect to any claim based on such person's, business's, or other entity's failure to adopt a policy that prohibits weapons on the property by posting pursuant to § 39–17–1359.

The advantages are clear. We will be seeing more business owners with this policy.

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ScienceABC123 said...

You know someone is going to sue over the CCW requirement. They're going to claim -
"It's racist because minorities have a harder time getting a CCW."

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with requiring permits but I do agree with employers having the power to require employees to be armed if the employees feels the need to carry. I compare people that do not like guns or fear them for no valid reason to the Kim Jung Un types. or fat slob idiots. We would not be having the problems with North Korea if we did not have so many of his type in our government, in many years past. One idiot made the comment we do not have a strategy for North Korea. it does not require a military strategy for a three minute war. six well spaced daisy cutters and no more million man army. Trump has finally armed our generals and our military. Just like the self defense laws are beginning to reflect no requirement to back up or wait to be fired at. Kim made a threat and Trump pulled the trigger. I am guessing but I will bet that Trump had Kim's missile shot down on launch. any one walks into my shop with a gun drawn is asking me to pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the business has no power to deny any one from getting a CCW. If they do not qualify he does not have to hire them. If they qualify for the CCW and he refuses to hire them then they would have a valid complaint. very likely if they qualify for the permit then they would be acceptable for employment. it is a benefit for the employer for applicants to be pre screened. I personally do not approve of the CCW requirement for any one. there are many other ways to do a back ground check on possible future employees. A CCW does not guarantee that anyone is a good shot. If you have taken a required safety course that is no guarantee that you can hit the wall of a barn from inside the barn.

I wrote a post on here a while back claiming I could hit a tea cup at 50 feet and one poster disagreed that I could do so. If I could not hit the tea cup at 50 feet I think I would give all of my guns away. some people shoot very well and others cant shoot well at all. I have known people that can light matches at 50 feet with a 1911 45 acp.

frankspeak said...

wonder how this would work in the growing number of states going over to constitutional carry?...oh,..and your ridiculously simplistic ideas on how to deal with north korea militarily make me suspect your not much of a student of they've already proven,..they'd be a tough nut to crack!....

Anonymous said...

The war in Korea never ended a truce was declared, peace and an end to the war was never declared. we have the technology to make North Korea disappear in a puff of smoke. even if it is backed up by Russia or china or both. what worries me is the missiles that are shot down, where will those pieces fall? I live about 40 miles from a prime target. believe me we are shooting down their test fires. I know my history and I know about some of our high technology.