Sunday, June 25, 2017

Followup WA: Store Owner who Shot Thief Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

SPANAWAY, Wash. - A Spanaway convenience store owner has been sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting and killing a fleeing shoplifting suspect.

Min Kim told the judge on Friday he accepted responsibility for what he did and apologized for his actions.

As the cuffs went on Kim the tears and the anguish were unleashed from his family, trying to come to grips with the fact Kim is heading off to begin his prison sentence for shooting and killing Jakeel Mason last year. In March 2016, Mason was a shoplifting suspect at Kim's Pacific Quick Shop and was trying to flee from the store, when he was shot in the back.
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Anonymous said...

Don't Police have authority to shoot fleeing dangerous suspects? Even if they do so inappropriately, they never get convicted? So, why can't a crime victim to the same? Because the victim doesn't wear a shiny metal badge and costume that bestows super-powers.

It seems to be perfectly acceptable for politicians and law-enforcement/military to advocate killing with drones, tanks, guns, and nukes; but, apparently, if anyone else does the same, they need a psychiatric evaluation - or a prison sentence.

Anonymous said...

Stop and think We have what is called a representative form of government. Ok what is a representative form of government. it is a form of government where the citizens create the government and delegate citizen authority to who we elect to represent us. to do the things we would do if the government did not exist. We have the authority to make citizens arrests. If we can arrest we can do what ever is needed to complete that arrest. we have to do exactly what we require of the police to make an arrest to make the arrest legal. we also have to wright out the complaint. We can arrest the police if we really need to.