Saturday, June 10, 2017

GA: Man, Attacked by Home Invader, Shoots Same

A Statham man who held residents at gunpoint and assaulted one has been charged in a June 4 armed robbery at a residence near Fayetteville. The man before fleeing the home was shot by one of the victims in an exchange of gunfire.
Corey Jamiah Simmons, 22, was charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault, according to Sheriff Barry Babb.

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Anonymous said...

The way my home is positioned a robber would have a real hard time getting out of range. If he could get in in the first place he would have accomplished a great feat. if he could get out after getting in it would be an even greater feat. I'm a fairly easy going person but I can't stand a thief. Now if someone asked me for something I could do without I would probably give it to them or sell it for a reasonable price. but if they are low enough to steal I have no problem making them even lower as they lay on the ground. God gave us the right of self defense not the constitution or the bill of rights.