Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vista Outdoor cuts Eight more Positions at Lewiston, Idaho Facility

Ammunition demand has continued to drop.  Vista Outdoor provides a large proportion of the North American ammunition market with its CCI and Federal brands. Most of the production is at plants in Lewiston, Idaho and in Anoka, Minnesota.

The Anoka facility laid off 130 employees in March. Lewiston laid off 15 salaried employees in February, and dropped 10 more positions through attrition. Now 8 more salaried employees have been laid off. From
June 27--Eight more Lewiston Vista Outdoor positions have been cut, casualties of a decline in ammunition purchases following November's presidential election.

The salaried employees were in operations support and customer service, said Amanda Covington, a spokeswoman for the company, in an email Monday.
The company will be finishing a $70 million rimfire manufacturing plant in Lewiston, but has stopped a $29 million additional phase for now.

Centerfire ammunition is now plentiful in stores, but rimfire ammunition is only beginning to catch up with demand.

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R.William Orians said...

I love the CCI and Federal ammo . Especially the .22 lr CCI's . Darn near like shooting .22 mags . Great hunting ammo .