Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shannon Watts Looking at Run for Congress in Colorado CD-2

CD2 is a heavily Democrat Colorado Congressional district that includes Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is a very left leaning University town. The person who wins the Democrat primary will almost certainly win the Congressional seat. Shannon Watts owns property there.  She may use her anti-rights work for Michael Bloomberg in an attempt to lever herself into Congress. On June 12, 2019 Shannon Watts said she was looking at running for the seat in 2018.  From denverpost.com:
Within hours of U.S. Rep. Jared Polis formally announcing his run for Colorado governor, two Democrats — Ken Toltz and Shannon Watts, both gun-control advocates — said they were eyeing the Boulder Democrat’s congressional seat.
Shannon Watts has made a name for herself as the hired gun of Michael Bloomberg, heading up Moms Demand for Gun Sense in America.

The anti-rights group has had little success attracting supporters or in passing restrictions on gun ownership and use.  They have had some success in passing restrictive referendums.

Michael Bloomberg's money and organization were critical in passing Washington State's controversial and highly restrictive elimination of private gun sales.  Under the referendum, all "private" gun sales and transfers must be conducted through a federal dealer, insuring the federal government has a paper trail of the transaction.

Bloomberg's money and organization may be used in an attempt to place Shannon Watts in Congress.

There is likely to be little difference in the votes that are relevant to the Second Amendment, whoever is elected from CD2. Watts has not shown significant organizational talent.

She has shown an ability to follow Michael Bloomberg's legislative desires. If she is elected, limiting Second Amendment rights are likely to be her top legislative priority.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for president Trump to put an end to restrictive laws. as long as the clause "Shall Not Be Infringed" remains in the federal constitution the case can be made that ATF is an unconstitutional agency and that all state and federal weapons laws are unconstitutional. the ninth amendment covers when, where, how and who can carry as an un enumerated right of choice. The tenth amendment by the separation of powers prevents the individual states from amending the federal constitution, the states can not ad qualifiers not written in the second amendment. We continually see the states stepping on the federal constitution. Tax and spend Brown in California just committed treason by signing an agreement with foreign countries on climate change. He may have just made his last mistake. read the constitution no state can make agreements with a foreign country without the approval of congress. The united states in not in the Paris accords and he has no authority to put California in. No state has the authority to modify the second amendment. All state weapons laws and limitations are infringement by definition. acts and laws are not amendments this makes the federal 1934NFA and the 1968 and 1986 GCAs unconstitutional. Until the second amendment is amended all gun laws , acts and limitations are unconstitutional. We have plenty of laws to deal with irresponsible people that will not handle their guns well, rob a bank with or without a gun go to jail, kill someone with a gun or any weapon not in self defense go to jail. we have plenty of supreme court rulings to back up what I say. the ninth circuit court should be impeached, they have clearly violated their oaths of office by not enforcing what the law requires. They don't get an opinion their duty is to enforce the written law. Congress gave the office of president the authority to prevent any one for any reason from any where from entering this country at his will. Time we get back to enforcing the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is all fine and dandy. But isn't she an ex PR shill for Monsanto Chemicals? Yes, yes I do believe she is.

Anonymous said...

Not a very flattering picture makes her look as stupid as I think she is. probably not bad in a bikini.