Monday, June 26, 2017

Second City Cop on Gang Party in Chicago

Remember when we had citywide units? A few hundred cops that the Department could call out for situations exactly like this? This event isn't a secret - it's been going on for years. Units like the old Task Force morphed into Gangs morphed into Special Operations, Targeted Response or Mobile Strike Force. Three-hundred cops who could have days off canceled at a moment's notice along with District Gang/Tact teams gave the Department a force of 500 or so to deal something like this - a "reunion" that is just an excuse for the old gang bangers to relive the misery they used to bring to a neighborhood that moved on.

Now CPD has 25 cars show up? For a crowd numbering 1,000? A crowd that's been drinking and smoking all night without any interference from authorities? With (we're betting) a few hundred guns? And nothing has been done for years? In a city that has abandoned the rule of law? What exactly are the police supposed to do?

DNAInfo did the only real reporting on this whole incident (again) and the picture they paint isn't pretty at all. They link it all to a particularly violent stretch of the weekend:

Scroll down to "About that Gang Party"

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Anonymous said...

They, the cops, would never accept my plan. I would make real responsible citizens out of them in my first raid. send one person in with a noise nuisance complaint, tell them the party is over. that one persons view of the situation would be enough to legally gain entry 15 minutes later. under age drinking, pot, drugs, weapons or other charges. send them out the door one at a time to be processed. Oh I forgot when you go in go in in force with fully automatic weapons, shoot the first bastard that pops up with a gun. immediately order complete silence with a bull horn. have the busses ready to pull up and fill up after the entry. a few of those kinds of raids problem case they get nasty have plenty of ambulances standing by and a coroner. make sure there is a good perimeter around the location. Block all access streets and have a bear in the air. night court has a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Just take your car, Get on to Route 66 and get the fuck out of town.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you for a fact that does not work. damn near got killed and they took 3500 dollars worth of guns from me. the ass hole held a gun to the back of my head and asked for permission to search my car.