Saturday, June 17, 2017

Revolving Shotgun, to Fight Boko Haram in Nigeria

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In this widely circulated image of Aisha Gombi Bakari, you can see the homemade revolving shotgun that she uses to hunt Baka Haram Islamic terrorists.  The lock up does not look impressive, but it will do for a small number of shots.

 The cylinder is probably turned by hand. There are index cuts to make sure it is lined up with the barrel.  Aisha is supposed to be paid about $25 a month, but the payments are spotty.  An official has recently been indicted on embezzeling 1.8 billion dollars marked for anti-terrorism efforts.

That might explain why the local villagers cry out for better weapons, and why their $25 a month payments are erratic. It appears she has factory ammunition.

Even very poor people with limited tools can make repeating shotguns.  But they would be far better served with AK47s, GPS, radios, and real support from their government. 

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Wireless.Phil said...

Revolving shotgun, but why does it still have a magazine?

jonny and sis said...

In commie kalifornia, this would be labeled an ASSAULT gun of some type and banned.

Dean Weingarten said...

The "magazine" is likely just for show. It may intimidate people who are do not know much about firearms.

There may be some other utility. One person suggests that it protects the trigger guard.

Anonymous said...

It may be just a forward hand grip.

Anonymous said...

would be interesting to find out, could be just a unipod or a forward grip. looking at her If I were to ask I would be very polite.

Boomer said...

Looks to me like the mag is just part of the furniture carved to look like a mag. For appearance only; not functional.