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CT: Gun 'Buyback', New Haven 16 December, 2017 and Results

Gun turn in events, known by the Orwellian term 'buyback' (you cannot buy back what you never owned), have become rare outside of those states which ban private sales. Connecticut requires that every gun sale be granted permission and be registered with the government. New Haven Connecticut is hosting a gun turn in event.  From
The New Haven Police Department gun buyback will be at 710 Sherman Parkway in New Haven, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. People turning in working guns will get gift cards for American Express, Stop & Shop, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s or Amazon while supplies last.

Single and double-shot (Derringer style) handguns will be worth $25; rifles and shotguns will be worth $50; pistols and revolvers (handguns) will be worth $100 and assault weapons (to be determined by New Haven Police) will be worth $200.

Guns must be delivered unloaded in clear plastic bags and any ammunition must be delivered in a separate bag. The person dropping off the gun will not be charged with illegal possession of that specific firearm, according to police.

They said no questions will be asked and no identification will be required.

710 Sherman Parkway in New Haven is the address for the New Haven Police Academy.

A licenses to purchase rifles, shotguns and handguns are required in Connecticut. Paperwork for the sale or transfer of all firearms is required by the State of Connecticut.

In 2016, the event collected 85 handguns, thirty eight rifles and shot guns, an SKS, an AR15, and two sawed off shotguns that were counted as four "assault rifles". 15 inoperable guns were also turned in.

The gift cards ran out early, and more than a dozen people were turned away.  The prices offered for guns are ridiculously low. In any state where people are free to sell and buy guns without government permission, any working single shot or derringer pistol would be worth $75.  Working rifles or shotguns would be worth a $100, minimum. "Assault Weapons", an imprecise term at best, could be worth from $200 to many thousands.

It looks difficult to make a profit at this event. The prices are low. The administrative burdens required to purchase a firearm are burdensome.

It was difficult to find pictures that were not restricted, from the last event.

If any one near New Haven can obtain photographs from the event this Saturday, it would be useful.

Update: The New Haven gun turn-in collected 138 firearms, Harford had 68 firearms turned in.

Community Renewal Team spokesperson Jason Black told Eyewitness News that the organization received 68 firearms at the event, including 3 assault rifles, 1 machine gun, 25 pistols, 20 revolvers, 8 rifles, 8 shot gun, and 3 Derringer pistols.

New Haven Chief of Police, Anthony Campbell told Eyewitness News that 4 Derringer handguns, 74 handguns and 60 rifles and shotguns were collected in New Haven. Amongst the group, police collected 2 assault rifles.
Looks like a Marlin 336 lever action hunting rifle, second above the script.

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