Monday, December 18, 2017

Rob Morse: Not a Gunfighter, but a Defender- the changing face of gun culture

I didn’t notice as gun-culture changed. We are immersed in our culture and I was too close to realize what happened. A recent news story brought the change into sharp focus. Gun culture is wrapped in myth and fantasy. It always has been. Gun-culture changed from being a fantasy gunfighter to a realistic defender. We see that reality today.

When I grew up, gun culture was a rancher carrying a gun on his hip when he was at work. It was the cop on the street. I saw both. The myth of the gun culture was something else entirely. When I grew up, the myth was the wild west gunfighter. The myth was also the image of Chicago gangland criminals at war with the cops. That is what we saw in the movies. As a child, I saw many more gunshots on TV than were ever fired by gangsters on the street. Those myths weren’t real, but they left a real impression.

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Anonymous said...

Both of those guys are wearing their guns to high for either one of them to be me.

Rob Morse said...

Thank you, Dean.