Thursday, December 28, 2017

GA: Armed Citizen Saves Deputy in Georgia

A kind-hearted Deputy was rewarded with a potentially deadly attack in Dawson County, Georgia on December fifth, about 2:40 P.M.  Sargent Randy Harkness has been with the Dawson County Sheriff's office for more than 23 years.  He gave a courtesy ride to Justin Alan Foster to the local Chevron station. He was in the process of providing some personal charity to Foster in the form of a small cash gift, when Foster attacked him.  From
“He then began to give the gentleman some money just to help him out and the suspect began to physically assault him,” said Sheriff Johnson.
The sheriff said an unidentified woman in her late 20s in a car at the Chevron witnessed the assault, got out of her car, gun in hand, and fired at suspect Justin Foster while he was attacking Harkness.
Eyewitnesses in the gas station saw it unfold.
“She shot off, a round. The guy got off the police officer and she shot another round and he was running that way I think, there was three shots,” said Aseem Kahn, owner of the station.
Sheriff Johnson says he believes the armed woman saved Sgt. Harkness' life.
Dawson County District Attorney’s Office is involved in the investigation. The sheriff says the Good Samaritan will not face charges.
“I truly believe she’s a hero I believe she thankfully saved this officer’s life,” said Sheriff Johnson.
The suspect, wounded by the armed woman, then ran off and assaulted others, including an elderly woman. Two more good Samaritans subdued the attacker.  From
Foster then fled across the road to the McDonald’s parking lot where he assaulted an elderly woman.
Additional “good Samaritans” at the McDonald’s detained Foster until officers arrived, Johnson said.
Johnson said earlier this week that a female bystander who shot Foster as he was assaulting Harkness likely saved the officer's life, as well as other potential victims.
"I truly believe through her actions he's here today," Johnson said Tuesday.
Officials have not released the identity of the bystander. It is not likely she will face any charges.
There have been a number of cases where good Samaritans who are legally armed have saved police lives.  There have been several in the last couple of years. In addition to the event in Georgia, in 2017 an Arizona armed citizen saved a State Trooper who was wounded and under assault.

In 2016, armed citizens saved police in Florida, Ohio, and in Pennsylvannia.
There has been an accelerating number of police saves by armed citizens as more and more citizens are carrying defensive firearms on a daily basis.
Dozens of instances of armed citizens saving police officers before 1996 are recounted in  the article published in 1999.

The many police lives saved by legally armed citizens are a major contributor to the positive attitude that police have about legally armed people.

An armed people and local police are natural allies. When locally controlled police and a population who trust them work together, crime rates plummet to very low levels.

When police are not trusted, the crime rate soars.

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mobius said...

Good for her. It must have been a difficult call with them in the car.

Jack Billington said...

That's good to know, that at least some citizens are care about what is going around. Another good fact is that random person decided to use a personal gun for good, not for evil purposes (like Vegas).