Saturday, December 16, 2017

England: Fatal Shooting Justified Self Defense, Go to Jail for Unregistered Shotgun

Gregory had applied to register the shotgun, but was refused. Self defense is not considered a valid reason to own a gun in England. Gregory had been attacked previously, robbed and tied up.

A 72-year-old man who shot dead a burglar he caught breaking into his caravan in the middle of the night was today jailed for illegally owning the shotgun without a licence.

Reuben Gregory told police who arrived in woodland near Heathrow airport and found Wayne Digby's body that he 'was the one that did it, mate'.

The pensioner was initially arrested on suspicion of murder but later released and told he would not be prosecuted for the death of Digby, 48.

Digby was caught trying to remove the door from his caravan and armed with a meat-tendering hammer and a makeshift Molotov cocktail fire bomb.

Later Mr Gregory was charged with possessing a firearm without a certificate - an offence he admitted in court last September.

He was today jailed for 10 months, with the final half of his sentence to be served on licence, Judge Paul Dugale said.

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Anonymous said...

Shoot. Shovel. Shut-up.
THAT is what he - and anyone else in his situation - SHOULD do.

[NOTE: This is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. I am not an Attorney-At-Law, nor have I been admitted to The Bar. There is no advocation of violence in any way. This post is protected Free Speech intended for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion]

Anonymous said...

Heck just say you found him that way maybe he new something about the Clintons and committed suicide

Anonymous said...

If you use the right ammo they will never find the bullet if it is a through and through replace the spent cartridge and dare them to prove any thing. I don't clean my gun every time I fire it.