Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Deep State Coup Trap

Good graphic to show the relationships of major players in the Mueller investigation. Remember that Comey illegally leaked information as part of a conspiracy to get Mueller appointed by Rosenstein as the special prosecutor.

All done with *no* evidence of a crime ever being committed.

From Alan Dershowitz:

Alan Dershowitz tells FOX News' Melissa Francis that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gone "well beyond his authority as a prosecutor." He said the people Mueller are investigating may have comitted "political sins if they are sins at all," but "they are not crimes."

Here is a clip where Alan Dershowitz talking about prosecutorial misconduct and Mueller.

 Well worth watching.

Dean Weingarten

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Anonymous said...

This entire investigation is bull shit. there is plenty of evidence to make arrest and take many to trial and none of the important ones have even been arrested. It is all working up to needing your guns handy. I'm working feverishly to get many projects completed so I can get to my reloading.