Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Democrat, Jones Beats Republican Judge Moore in Alabama

Pro Second Amendment Judge Roy Moore was beat in an upset special election by Democrat Doug Jones.

It is a bitter loss for Second Amendment supporters.

The election was extremely close, with only 20,715 votes separating Jones and Moore out of 1,344,367 votes. That is 1.54% of the vote. From the Secretary of State Office of Alabama:

Total Ballots Cast: 1,346,147 Total Registered Voters: 3,326,812 Voter Turnout: 40.46% Counties Reported: 67 of 67 Last Updated: 12/12/2017 10:46:17 PM The election results presented on these pages are unofficial and presented as a courtesy of the Alabama Secretary of State and Alabama’s Probate Judges. The accuracy of the election results is the responsibility of the Probate Judge for each county reporting.

Doug Jones (DEM)
Roy S. Moore (REP)

When the entire power of all the establishment media, combined with the might of the establishment Republican party, was focused on one senate race, they could energize enough Democrats, and confuse enough independents and conservatives, to win in a deep red state.

Outspent 14 to 1, the level of propaganda must have been deafening. The Democrat candidate, for the the most part, was able to simply keep quiet.

It is a lost battle. The war rages on.

Second Amendment supporters can gain several seats in the Senate in the mid-terms. The Progressives will have to divide their resources among 33 races.

It will be much harder to push allegations against all the Republican challengers.

Second Amendment supporters can win, but they must fight.

To make the numbers clear: 

The vote totals and percentages from the Secretary of State of Alabama.

Jones 671,151 votes, 49.92%

Moore 650,436 votes, 48.38%

Write-In 22,781 votes 1.69%

 Moore lost by 1.54% of the vote.

Total votes 1,344,367 (40.46% of registered voters) 

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Anonymous said...

"The Left is at war with White America"
- #AlabamaSenateElection, Mr. Frexit (@MrFrexlt), 12132017;

Progressives/Liberals/Mainstream Media/Leftists want a war. They could learn a lot from my mama. She told me, "always be careful what you wish for".