Friday, January 11, 2019

AZ: Dr. Shoots two Dogs that Killed Seven of his Alpacas

Dr. Steve Washburn had been starting an alpaca business with a fenced-in three-acre area at his 15-acre spread and thought his virtually impregnable fences were fairly protective of his 16 alpacas and one llama; unfortunately, this was not the case.

Awakened at about 5 a.m., on the Dec. 29, Washburn and his wife heard their dogs barking, but didn’t really check it out. “I thought the alpacas were fairly secure, but we went out and gave the dogs some snacks, but they continued barking,” said Washburn. He now, of course, regrets not checking out why his own dogs were barking, because he had to take out his handgun and kill the two husky-mix dogs he found in the process of killing seven of his 16 alpacas and severely wounding another.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like he needs a donkey or two. Donkey are natural enemies to canids, with the exception of domestic dogs they know and trust. So stray or feral dogs, coyotes and foxes will be killed dead. And most canids do not know this, so do not approach donkeys with caution, to their detriment.

Anonymous said...

Llamas are effective canid killers and they will get along better with the alpacas