Monday, June 06, 2022

CA: Stockton Caretaker Shoots, Kills Man who Attacked him in Backyard

They found that the 38-year-old now-deceased man had tried to physically attack a caretaker in the backyard at a home.

The caretaker, a 43-year-old man, fearing for his life, shot the attacker.

After that, the caretaker dialed 911 for assistance. The shooting looked to be justified at the time, according to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.


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Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs when women have to step In where men should be. maybe the coward syndrome is catchy. the mass shooters are clearly cowards. men refusing to step up are cowards. I teach marksmanship for free to women. Some are really very good. I saw a guy once he had to have explained to him why and how the trigger worked. have we really disintegrated that much? are balls becoming a mail order item? Courage 15 cents an ounce till you cant stand up? maybe you are just afraid your beer gut might get damaged. I told a guy once I did not want to fight he said I had no choice and started swinging about 8 weeks later he was able to get out of bed with out help. I was not the coward he thought I was I just knew how the fight would turn out. I think I cured him of the bully syndrome. most bullies are cowards. they only pick on some one they think they can whip I spent a lot of years trying to mellow out after Vietnam. I think I would be happy to buy those women a fine dinner and some more ammo. I think a public effort to convince every one how cowardly these mass shooters are might put a stop to them. who really wants to be remembered as a useless piece of shit? maybe we could pass a law that requires the tomb stone of mass shooters to be covered with bullshit every year. most of them wind up dead maybe it is suicide by cop. so stop shooting to kill just do enough damage they will suffer for the rest of their life. then bury them in an out house. fact inanimate object that have no ability to move on their own do not kill any thing people use those objects to kill. you are just as dead from a bullet as you are from an arrow or a bomb even your wife's cooking.

Dean Weingarten said...

Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to share your views.

Writing takes time, and time is our most precious commodity, in this life.

I may not agree with all your views, but your posts are welcome.

If sometimes your posts do not appear, there is only so much time, and glitches exist throughout the system. If I had the budget to hire helpers... it would be easier.

Please be patient.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Dean. There seems to be a lot that needs said and I'm not to bashful to say it. I do not expect every one to agree with me But I say what I believe to be true. My opinion about what has caused the current deterioration of our society is when the requirement to pass a civics course in order to graduate high school ended about 1970.I believe it was the first appointed secretary of education that ended that requirement, appointed by a Democrap. Most in elected office have no understanding of why the oath of office is required and no body is holding them accountable. How can you swear an oath to any thing when you have no idea of what is in it? How many today understand what a government of the people, by the people and for the people is? no one knows how to hold the government accountable. it is the citizens duty to step up and do something when the government is wrong. The government has the authority to tax us to pay their wages and for what they do, they work for us. Not one of them gets elected legally by non citizens. they have no authority to tax us and spend our money on foreigners Taxes are to benefit Americans. and only Americans Foreigners are required to pay their own way or leave. That is why we have deportation laws if they cant pay their way we make them leave so they are not our burden. Our national debt nearly equals all of our money spent on those that are required to be deported since the early 1950's. It is directly related to the high inflation we are all suffering from. Supply and demand? how much gasoline do 50 plus million non citizens use? we are not only paying higher prices for what we need we are paying for what is causing the problem. Providing for the needs of the people that have no right to be here. Under stand law. why do we make laws. to be enforced or just ignore when it suits us? How did we get four Muslims elected to Congress. the 1952 immigration law, read it for yourself, forbids Muslims to immigrate to Nation and because Muslims want to destroy everything Christian. Read history, as soon as they think they out number us we will wish we had enforced those immigration laws and I may not have enough .22s. they have no interest in joining our society and reject our laws. any thing divided is weaker. Citizens had better start understanding what patriotism is. Well over 50 million in this country right now have no reason for any allegiance to this country. actually we are paying to be destroyed. bleeding hearts will not be convinced until they see their blood starts flowing. What do we need from people to stupid to understand why they left where they were to get here and refuse to change what caused their reason to leave.