Saturday, June 04, 2022

WI: No Charges for Father and Son who Shot Intruder/Attacker (Disarm Attempt)

Lawton said the shooting occurred after a violent altercation between Jenson and Michael Parr in which Jenson threatened the younger Parr on the parking area of the apartment building and began punching and hitting him.

The statement said Jenson broke into the home after Michael Parr attempted to retreat back into his apartment, forcing his way through two sets of doors and continuing to punch Michael Parr. The elder Parr attempted to push Jenson back and also began to be threatened and struck by Jenson, Lawton said.

As the fight developed, Jason Parr told his son to go get a shotgun kept in the apartment, and when Michael Parr returned with it, Jenson grabbed the weapon’s barrel and tried to rip it out of Michael Parr’s hands, leading to the shooting.

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