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Quick look at H.R.7910, Passed by the House on June 8, 2022



On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 7910, euphemistically titled "Protecting Our Kids Act", 223 for to 204 against. The bill was passed primarily along party lines with Democrats voting for it and Republicans voting against it.

The bill is a collection of long-standing Progressive efforts to restrict American people from having access to some of the most popular rifles and shotguns in the country. 

As has become the norm, Progressives are using a rare, emotional event to push sweeping legislation across the finish line, which could not be done through reasoned debate.

This is precisely the opposite of how legislative decisions should be made. It maximizes the power of the Media to control legislation through emotional manipulation.  The Congressional Budget Office lists the primary effects of the legislation. From the Congressional Budget Office (

H.R. 7910 would change federal gun laws by creating new federal crimes and expanding federal firearms regulations. Specifically, the bill would:

  • Raise the purchasing age for semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21;
  • Ban the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, and possession of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices;
  • Establish new federal crimes for gun trafficking and straw purchases;
  • Require gun owners to meet residential gun storage requirements and establish criminal penalties for violating those requirements;
  • Require registration of existing bump-stock-type devices under the National Firearms Act and bar the manufacture, sale, or possession of new bump-stock-type devices for civilian use; and
  • Change the definition of “ghost gun” and require background checks on all firearm sales.

Having quickly read the bill, this correspondent notes the bill also raises the purchasing age for semi-auto shotguns. The broad language of the bill would have far reaching effects. From the bill: 

 “(B) any semiautomatic centerfire rifle or semiautomatic centerfire shotgun that has, or has the capacity to accept, an ammunition feeding device with a capacity exceeding 5 rounds, to any individual who the licensee knows or has reasonable cause to believe has not attained 21 years of age and is not a qualified individual; or

The bill would grandfather in existing "large-capacity" ammunition feeding devices.  This shows how ineffective this measure would be. There are hundreds of millions of magazines with capacity of more than five rounds existing in the United States. 

In the "gun trafficking section, the bill bans the gift of firearms between anyone but closely related family members.  

The bill would require all firearms, except those legally in existence prior to 1968, to have a government mandated serial number. Privately made firearms which do not have government approved serial numbers would become contraband.

The bill places "bump stocks" broadly defined, into the same category as National Firearms Act items such as machineguns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and silencers. 

The sale of all firearms would require approval through the government before being consummated, essentially eliminating the private sale of firearms.  As all firearms other than those manufactured before December, 1968, which were not required to have serial numbers, would be required to have a government approved serial number installed, this creates a potential registration system.

There are some less prominent parts of the bill. It creates a fund for "buy-backs" of ammunition feeding devices. "Buy back" is an Orwellian term. Most of those items were never owned by the government to begin with, so they cannot be "bought back". 

The bill expands the definition of an "undetectable firearm" to any "major component" which is "undetectable" by the previous standards, and exempts government agents from penalties for possession of "undetectable firearms". This may effectively outlaw composite receivers and may outlaw some carbon fiber barrels with a liner.

The bill mandates "safe storage" of firearms in homes where anyone under the age of 18 is living. 


The overall thrust of the bill is to put the federal government firmly in control of the ownership and sale of firearms in the United States, effectively nullifying the Second Amendment. 

The bill seems unlikely to pass the Senate. The votes of 60 senators would be required to overcome the Senate filibuster rule. 

The danger is some Republicans would cave to the Media pressure to "do something", which always seems to move toward total government control.

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Anonymous said...

The bill is already flawed because the USSC just ruled that an age limit of 21 is unconstitutional. that ruling is a blanket for any age limit infringement. It effects all existing age limit laws in this country. THEY ARE ALL NOW VOID,EVERYWHERE these mindless jerks that have never read the constitution need to be removed by recall or impeachment for violation their oath of office for failure to up hold and enforce the constitution.

ScienceABC123 said...

"This nonsense is only going to end one of two ways: either the US Supreme Court finally rules all gun control laws are unconstitutional, or a second Civil War. I hope for the former, but fear it will be the latter." - ScienceABC123

Anonymous said...

Any elected official that works to advance another countries interests above the interests of our own is committing TREASON They are elected by the citizens of tis court to protect and defend this Bidum committed treason when he left 200 billion in military supplies in Afghanistan. if it could not be brought back it should have bee completely destroyed not to be collected and used against us In the future. The Dems and Liberals are turning this country into a septic tank. Something just recently happened that may benefit many the Fifth Circuit Court just ruled that Agency ALJ hearings are Void if you can prove fraud. I have absolute documented proof of 44 years of Fraud by the VA. the put their admissions in writing. I'm having difficult I calculating what 44 years of back pay is worth with penalties and interest. at a rating of 170+%. I have letters signed in ink with statements like we recovered the documents that would prove you claims but we lost then so there is no evidence. Another, I am the person that has been denying your claims for the last 30 years because you filed false claims. the documents submitted a copy of my original transfer orders and a copy of my DD-214. those documents are frauds. Every body knows Germany is a minimum three year tout. the transfer orders state 8.5 months TDY. The DD-214 lists ever active duty assignment. My first child was born in the military hospital in Heidelberg. two months after we got there. I was sent to Germany shortly after I made 30 million dollars for the DOD in about ten minutes saving an entire military complex and 13 lives from total destruction How much of a mess would three pounds of C-4 and 1,200 pounds of TNT make? I disarmed a live electronic warfare device no one knew any thing about, successfully. According to the pentagon investigation team it was a several billion to one chance of success. Every one thought they were inert training dummies. they were delivered armed and set on the shelf for two weeks, Live. We had just disarmed 150 anti tank mines. I almost dropped one of them the day they were delivered. six units each had a half pound of primed C-4. It took about 80 procedures ta had to be preformed perfectly each step could have cause them all to detonate. the very last step proved they were live. we I started. I knew the other devices well. the first question asked by the investigating team, are you a spy. how were you able to do this. I guessed at ever step. Ad I'm still alive to prove it.

Anonymous said...

If a shotgun is cambered for 3 and a half inch sells that requires a feeding tube for five rounds of at least 17 and a half inches. ever heard of 2 inch shells? close range point weapon ammo 8 rounds will fit. most presses can be adjusted to load 2 inch shells. the dumb asses are passing law for things they know not thing about..