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Cheap Gun Opportunity in Forth Worth?

A gun turn-in event is scheduled for June 27, 28, 29, and 30th, which is Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  It is an unusual approach, during working hours. Most of these events are scheduled for weekends.

The event called by the Orwellian term "buy back" (police cannot "buy back" items which they have never owned), is scheduled to be held at the Northwest Division. The address is 4651 N. Main St. $100 gift cards will be given out for firearms turned in. There are few firearms worth less than $100 on the open market. 

 Fort Worth Police Station at 4651 N Main Street

A year previously, a similar program had people turn in 250 firearms in the City of DeSoto, Texas. DeSoto is on the south edge of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  A quick look at the firearms turned in at DeSoto reveals a number of decent shotguns and rifles, and some interesting antiques.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is in the middle of gun country, so the potential pool of people who have inherited guns, know nothing about them, and who want to turn them in to police, is potentially large.  This group exists.  They are not willing to take the extra time to obtain more at a gun show or with a private sale. There will be a few ideologically driven types who will not take cash, but they are a small minority.

Working against this potential is the cost of driving to the police area. Private sales are not banned in Texas. I expect a significant number of private purchasers to show up, in order to scoop up whatever bargains are brought in.

These programs are almost always underfunded, with gift cards running out in the first few hours. After that, people wishing to get rid of guns will be more willing to accept private offers.

Texas became a Constitutional Carry state in 2021. No permit is needed to openly or concealed carry a firearm in most public spaces. No one is required to have a license to purchase or sell a gun to another private person in Texas. A concealed handgun license (CHL) may help persuade an individual that a purchaser is not a felon, and not prohibited from purchasing firearms.

With inflation at 40 year highs, the incentive to obtain a little money for a firearm which is neither appreciated not desired, could lead to some seriously undervalued guns being offered for a mere hundred dollars. 

As with any such project, it makes sense to be prepared, to check out the area and determine what parking may be available. Signs need to be prepared. Police at these events have sometimes attempted to intimidate private buyers from offering cash for guns. 

Most private purchasers know their rights and are not intimidated. Having the abililty to record the event with audio and video recording can reduce police intimidation. Many police officers will not agree with the "guns are bad" assumption of the event.  Still pictures are useful to document the guns saved from purposeless destruction. 

Private purchasers at these events destroy the propaganda purpose of the "buy back". The purpose is to send the message "Guns Bad. Turn them in to the Police." 

Private purchasers send the opposite message: "Guns Good. I pay cash."

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ScienceABC123 said...

FYI Dean - I think the new gun control just passed by Congress is intended to stop these opportunities (i.e. no individual to individual gun sales). Making it impossible to take advantage of the opportunities presented by government run "gun buy backs".