Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Regret for Being Right: Terror and the Supreme Court

On December 11, 2020, I warned the Supreme Court, if they gave in to extortionate threats, they would get more of them, with worse to come.

My words seem prophetic now. I would have preferred to be wrong.

This correspondent was only applying the lessons of recent history. From the 2020 article, 17 months ago:

The terrorists have marked 5 or 6 members of the Supreme Court as enemies of the people.

Those justices are: Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, and, less likely, Chief Justice John Roberts.

The first five of those justices have been subject to death threats for following the Constitution. They have been characterized by the Left as being evil people, on national television, by national leaders on the Left.

The groups who made those threats are the same groups who would credibly threaten to burn the justices’ houses. They are *not* going to be placated by candidate Biden taking power.

They will be emboldened.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are now protected at the will of the Leftist political machine in charge of the Executive branch. From my 2020 essay:

When you acquiesce to extortion, you invite more extortion. When you acquiesce to physical threats, you invite greater physical threats.

The physical power which now protects Supreme Court Justices will be diminished if they empower the machine which threatens them. It seems unlikely, by feeding the crowd of political zombies, they will be the last eaten.

I wrote very similar things have happened in the last couple of hundred years:

It is what happened in the French revolution, in Bolshevik Russia, in Nazi Germany, in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Japan before WWII, many South American countries after breeches in the rule of law, and Mexico, as the rule of law is lost, and the rule of force commenced.

The difference is, at present, the Supreme Court can preserve and
extend its power by enforcing the Constitution. It can make its
independence and physical security greater, by supporting the
organization which has supported that independence.

The Supreme Court failed to take that opportunity. There is still a chance. The Left's hold on power is not secure. They may hesitate to destroy the Court all at once. The Court has an opportunity to rally its supporters who want the Constitution enforced. Its ability to do so will likely be lost if it gives in to the extortion of the Left at this time.

To borrow Thomas Paine's words, and apply it to the Supreme Court:

When will they be stronger? 

If they cannot resist the Left and its push for unlimited government power, now, when will they be able to do so?

What can be done?

The justices need to know there is support for the Constitution. They need to know there is support for upholding the rule of law.

They need to know most of the people want the Supreme Court to do the right thing and enforce the Constitution as written.

Justice Kavanaugh has had a credible threat on his life. The person who threatened him wanted the court to uphold the controversial Roe v Wade decision, and to invalidate Second Amendment rights. From

Roske told police he was upset by a leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is about to overrule Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion case. He also said he was upset over the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, and believed Kavanaugh would vote to loosen gun control laws, the affidavit said.

The Biden administration aligned media is not particularly concerned.

The Senate passed a bill for increased security for Supreme Court justices. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House, is holding up the bill. Perhaps she will wait until the decisions are released. That might "send a message".

The Biden administration continues to support "demonstrations" at Justices homes, even though such demonstrations are against federal law.

We will know if the Court has surrendered to the radical left if the decision on the Mississippi abortion case supports Roe v Wade, and the decision on the New York Rifle & Pistol Association case v Bruen does not support the right to bear arms.

Leftist activist are planning to block the entrances to the Supreme Court on June 13, 2022, in a bid to force the decision they want on the Mississippi abortion case.

Both decisions are due within a month.

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Anonymous said...

Point in fact, If the Supreme Court overturns Roe and sets the second amendment up stronger there will be some trouble from both side. but in the end this country will be better of in numerous ways. Ways the left will fight for generations until we get rid of them for good. If we can ot get the court to strength the constitution it will be up to the citizens.