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Vetoes of Constitutional Carry by Anti-Second Amendment Governors

A governor's veto of a Constitutional Carry bill is a set back for Second Amendment supporters and Constitutionalists. 

A veto is also a signal the hard work of education has mostly been successful.

The Constitutional Carry movement was a dream in the thoughts of Second Amendment and Constitutional activists at the turn of the millennia.  Today, half of the United States are members of the Constitutional Carry (permitless) club. 

During the last eleven years, there have been several governors who vetoed Constitutional Carry bills. This correspondent found 14 vetoes of Constitutional Carry bills. Nine of the vetoes were by Democrats, five were by Republicans.

Two vetoes of Democrat governors were overridden. No Republican vetoes were overridden. All states where Constitutional Carry bills were vetoed before 2021 have gone on to pass a Constitutional Carry (permitless) bill into law.

Here is a summation of the vetoes, which governors vetoed Constitutional Carry bills, and which Governors signed Constitutional Carry bills later.

Montana Governors Schweitzer (D) and Bullock (D) vetoed Constitutional Carry three times.

In 2011, Democrat governor Brian Schweitzer vetoed Constitutional Carry bill HB 271. The legislature did not override the veto.

In 2015, Democrat governor Steve Bullock vetoed Constitutional Carry bill HB 298.

In 2017, Governor Bullock vetoed Constitutional Carry bill HB 262.

Montana passed Constitutional Carry in 2021. Republican Governor Greg Gianforte signed it on February 18.

South Dakota Republican Governor Daugaard vetoed Constitutional Carry twice.

Republican Governor Daugaard vetoed Constitutional Carry in 2012, and a second time in 2015. 

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem signed the Constitutional Carry bill SB47 into law on January 31, 2019.

Utah Rebublican Governor Herbert vetoed a weak Constitutional bill in 2013. 

Utah Republican Governor Cox signed a much stronger Constitutional Carry (permitless) bill on February 12, 2021.

West Virginia Democrat Governor Tomblin, vetoed Constitutional Carry in 2015. He vetoed a similar bill in 2016, which the legislature overrode in 2016.

Governor Tomblin received the  Constitutional carry bill on 26 February.  He waited to the last possible day to veto it, 3 March.

The House of Delegates overrode his veto on 4 March, and the Senate completed the override on 5 March, 2016.  From

New Hampshire Democrat Governor Hassan vetoed constitutional carry bills twice, in 2015 and 2016.  From

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan has vetoed a bill to remove the licensing requirement for carrying concealed guns as expected.

Hassan vetoed a similar bill last year, but Republicans have once again sent the measure to her desk. Hassan is facing off against Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte in one of the country’s most competitive Senate contests.

New Hampshire Republican Governor Sununu signed a Constitutional Carry bill into law on February 22, 2017.

Missouri Democrat Governor Nixon Vetoed Constitutional Carry. The legislature overrode the veto on September 15, 2016.

Oklahoma Republican governor  Mary Fallin vetoed a Constitutional Carry bill in 2018.

Oklahoma Governor Fallin vetoed the Constitutional Carry SB 1212, on May 11 of 2018. Governor Fallin is term-limited out. She is not allowed to run for another term as governor.

Oklahoma Republican Governor Stitt signed Constitutional Carry on February 27, 2019.

Louisiana Democrat Governor Bel Edwards ,  vetoed Constitutional Carry in 2021.

Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf Vetoed Constitutional Carry in 2022.


When a Constitutional Carry bill is vetoed, it shows a majority of the legislature and leadership has been willing to go on record to support the bill. They believe support will gain them more votes than they will lose. Even if they do not wish the bill to pass, this dynamic makes it very hard for them to resist passing the bill as they go forward. It is worth while to push for restoration of Second Amendment rights, even if the bill will be vetoed.

As more and more states have joined the Constitutional Carry club, the momentum for passing bills to restore Second Amendment rights grows and grows. Part of this is pure pragmatism: no ill effects have been shown to exist from the restoration of Second Amendment rights. 

(Excepting various pseudo-scholarship using statistics to deceive)

Part of it is the persistent efforts of Second Amendment activists. Much of it is the education of legislators and peace officers, as they experience the lack of problems with the restoration of Second Amendment rights. 

Vetoed bills are treasure troves of useful information about which legislators can be trusted; which ones are sympathetic; which ones can be pressured; which ones can be cajoled and horse traded with.

Both Pennsylvania and Louisiana are likely to pass Constitutional Carry bills in the next two years.  It will depend on what happens with the governors in those two states. 

©2022 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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Anonymous said...

FACT!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no constitutional authority that allows individual states to amend the second amendment. it currently requires 37 states to ratify an amendment. No gun control laws passed by states are valid law because they are all forbidden unconstitutional infringements. The authority to change or ignore any of the 26 words ratified that made the second amendment the law of this land the day those 26 words were ratified. U.S. congress has no constitutional to pass controlling laws until the second amendment is changed with a new ratified amendment. Shall not be infringed is the strongest legal command there is. there is no constitutional authority to even consider stair deices if it is not written it does not exist if it is written it must be enforced

The primary problem I see facing this country is the extreme ignorance and incompetence of the citizen. When bad laws or bad acts or incompetent rulings are created it is the responsibility of the sovereign citizen to hold those responsible to their duties and responsibilities of their oath of office. it is our duty to impeach convict and remove from office those that willingly violate their oath of office. too many think citizenship ends at breathing free air and dodging whatever taxing they can. Citizenship has very specific responsibilities. believe it or not!! we are the government and we are responsible to make those In government comply with our written and ratified constitution. We are not ruled be someone's interpretation or opinion of what is written only what is written and ratified by us is enforceable. Once you morons allow corrupt government to take away what the framers gave us you will find it takes a lot of spilled blood to get it back. Once our constitution is destroyed the morons will be in charge.

Anonymous said...

Is any one paying attention!!!!!! Congress has just proven its level of corruption. Well is it corruption, ignorance or something far more dangerous? Why do we have a Supreme Court??? Am I the only one watching the Congress destroy our constitution in front our very eyes and ears? Ask your self was there a case before the Supreme Court about age limit on selling guns to those under 21? Did that case ruling Say it is unconstitutional to put an age limit on the second Amendment and struck down the state law? Wake Up! that ruling applies nation wide. Congress is going crazy passing red flag laws and after that court ruling on the age of 21. The congress, any one that voted to pass that law, has violated their oath of office and should be impeached and removed. That 21 age limit is binding on Congress. I was drafted at 19 and before I turned 20 I was operating an M-60 machine gun. Guns are not the problem. Mental Health and the break down of our society are the problem, Really rotten parenting. Point in fact, I met a young woman a couple of days ago. very attractive and she was very friendly. We talked about various issues for about an hour, real eye candy for a 74 year old. She told me she was having car troubles and I offered some information on what might be needed to make the repairs. Now I really am trying to keep everything above board, she is at the waters edge talking to me in a bikini. she was wearing the bikini not me. I was beginning to get concerned the water she was standing in might start to boil. her language could have started a brush fire. If I had used words like that in front of my mother I think she might have demanded my father shoot me. Her job, she works with children. She appears to be well educated, barely 30 and I was concerned that I might start blushing. My French comes out if I get really mad But I never talk like that around women or children. In that hour we talked about many different and varied issues. But I just could not get over the rough language she continually used. I'm not a prude but I think I can behave and speak like a gentleman with some one less than half my age. If I lived some where I could make a difference I would be organizing nation wide recall or impeachment efforts. We are supposed to control government not the other way round. This current, not all bust most are unfit to serve. They are ignorant of their duties and responsibilities to their employer US! If it is not ignorance then it is intentional and that folks is Sedition. An effort to destroy our legal government. like one congressman recently said after 911 we did not out law airplanes. I say it was not even something to consider to hang all pilots But that is the effect of the red flag laws. all gun owners even those that would like to own a gun are being made into criminals, because our deteriorating society is creating monsters. Try raising children in a Christian family oriented Church and If you don't like the fact this is a Christian founded nation you are free to leave. you really do not want to make Christians mad, guess who is on our side. Some one once said Oh the Bible is just a book about lots of wars, Who won those wars? I believe there is one of those stories that claims the attacking army was huge and God just waved his hand and that attacking army just disappeared.. There are a lot of amazing stories in the Bible. What most people fail to understand is amazing or not they are true. A recent archeological dig site just found that attacking army, right where the story said it was. You want a wake up call, Read the book of Revelation then tell me we are not in the last days.

Anonymous said...

Why do these things happen to me. I get a call to come over and chat about current issues. I drive over and knock on the door the lady answers the door holding a nice cold bottle of beer and invites me in. I was expecting to discuss some weapons she said she was interested in she answered the door in a pair of shorts with a smile. that is all she had on. shorts and a smile.