Thursday, April 28, 2005

Augusta: Beer thieves hit with shotgun: "The Aiken County Sheriff's Office said today that it will seek warrants for the arrest of two Trenton. S.C., men in connection with a convenience store burglary Monday night. Efrem L. Nipper, 37, of Jacob Mackie Road, and Trah Best, 25, of Lloyd Road, will face charges of second-degree burglary, sheriff's Lt. Michael Frank said in a news release. Robert McFerrin, the owner of Twin Lakes Food Mart at 1230 Bettis Academy Road, shot both men with a shotgun after they kicked open the front door of the store and tried to remove seven cases of beer at about 10:45 p.m., police said. "Although the victim was defending his property, we still have to check with the Solicitor's Office for guidance in this case," Sheriff Michael Hunt said in a statement. Deputies found one of the men lying on the ground. He had a gunshot wound to the left shoulder, Lt. Frank said. The Aiken Bloodhound Team traced the second man to a car, which he had driven to Edgefield County. He called 911 to report that he had been shot, police said".

Minnesota: Last gun shop may face its final battle: "Mark Koscielski, the owner of the only remaining gun shop in Minneapolis, is entering the final stages of a fight with the city that could shutter his business, at least at its current location. Koscielski awaits a hearing next month before the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Earlier this month, the city sent Koscielski an order telling him to cease operating the gun shop on the 2900 block of Chicago Av. S. by April 18 because it is out of compliance with zoning laws. It's the latest chapter in a 10-year legal battle with the city for Koscielski."

VeriChips: the taking of free will: "In October, 2004, the FDA approved an implantable microchip for use in humans. A tiny subcutaneous RFID tag, now made by several American companies like Applied Digital Solutions, VeriChip, and Digital Angel are mass-producing RFID chips and stocking chip warehouses and implantation centers. Upper level governmental officials are getting 'chipped' to demonstrate public acceptance of the technology, and they are very quick to highlight the humanitarian uses of tracking devices in humans. ... And gun owners -- heads up! On April 13, 2004, Applied Digital Solutions announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, VeriChip Corporation, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with FN Manufacturing, a leading gun manufacturer, to develop a first in the world of firearms. Their objective is an integrated 'User Authorization System' for firearms using VeriChip RFID technology. You shall be chipped in order to keep and bear. You had to know that was coming considering the 30-year, non-stop efforts to deny you of your 2nd Amendment rights."

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