Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gun controllers hate women: "Gun controllers hate women. They know that personal firearms have the reputation as "the great equalizer," enabling women to defend themselves in life-threatening situations against assailants that are undoubtedly bigger and stronger than they are. It appears that at least a few have found a way around having to deal with this contradiction to their agenda: labeling any woman who wants effective self-defense as "sick" and "paranoid" and engaging in "the fantasy of killing a bad-guy, antisocial, murderous, rapist intruder." Welcome to the modern version of the old misogynistic rape advice, "just lay back and enjoy it" that is now being promoted by the anti-self-defense advocates. In an attempt to promote their agenda, they resort to minimizing the threat to women, telling us that "it's all in your imagination." Just how imaginary is it? According to crime statistics, about 1 in 4 women will be raped during her lifetime. Some small percentage of them will be murdered in the course of the rape. A larger percentage will experience attempted murder. Women on the average are about 30 pounds lighter than men. They have about 60% of the muscle mass, which means that not only are they smaller, but they have considerably less muscle mass per pound. Women have a serious strength disadvantage when dealing with just a single male assailant. So what can a gun controller offer to offset this disparity?"

Jeweller opens fire: "Emboldened by a successful robbery only last week, Anderson Lewis walked into a Penal jewelry store yesterday with his cutlass hoping for a bigger pay-off. He was shot three times by the jeweller and died at the scene. Lewis, of Alta Garcia Trace, Siparia, was identified three hours after his death by the man he robbed last Wednesday. The bungled robbery took place at around 3pm, in the Singer Building, High Street Penal, four buildings away from the Penal Police Station. The first floor of the building houses a hair dressing salon, dental lab, and Ramroop Jewellery Store. Lewis is said to have entered the jewelry store posing as a customer. The police were told that the store owner Wesley Ramroop attended to two other customers and escorted them out of the business. Lewis reportedly announced a hold up, grabbed jewelry and money before Ramroop returned. Lewis is said to have confronted Ramroop, demanding more money. Ramroop pulled his licensed handgun and began firing."

Store clerk shoots purse-snatcher: "According to police, Barbara Winters, 70, was opening her car door outside a Fort Lauderdale liquor store when Steven Wendal, 15, snatched her purse and took off. That's when the store clerk, Kingsly Brown, shot Wendal, police said. "I really was in shock. I commended him for using that kind of resolve to protect a customer," Winters said. "He deserves to be shot at. He is a kid. He is a stupid kid. Kids do stupid things. He deserves to be shot at." Wounded, Wendal raced a mile and a half through neighborhoods, knocking on doors for help. His trail of blood stopped on Kathleen Rouse's porch. "I didn't know what to think. I was shocked and he wanted me to take him to the hospital and I said, 'No, I will call 911.' And he said, 'It's going to take too long for them to get here,'" Rouse said. The 911 call led police to arrest Wendal. Although Wendal was not armed when Brown shot him, police said the clerk might not be charged. "We don't have a final say on that but we don't anticipate charges," Veda Coleman-Wright, of the Broward Sheriff's Office, said."

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