Saturday, April 09, 2005

Illinois: Should citizens be "allowed" to carry firearms? "While the 'right to carry' law is being debated in Springfield, some people here in the Quad Cities already have their doubts about the bill. 'I've been held up at gunpoint before,' said Andrea Wunderlich, 'as a rape victim.' The bill would allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon as long as they pass a training course. Iowa already has a 'reasonable issue' law and pistol range owner Steve Bartels says it would be a good law for Illinois to adopt as well. 'There is an old saying: 'An armed society is a polite society',' says Bartels. 'If the bad guys don't know who's carrying, they are less likely to rob someone.'"

Kentucky: Home invasion suspect killed by homeowner: "Someone broke into the residence of Ozie and Evelyn Toole .... State police say Ozie Toole confronted the intruder and shot him. The Adair County coroner says 21-year-old Stephen Penn of Columbia died at the scene.A police report says entry was gained through a broken window. Investigators say the same residence had been entered earlier in the day when the Tooles were not home and that Penn was also a suspect in that break-in."

A threat to freedom of speech: "On Friday, February 25th 2005, members of the Luty family were arrested and charged with 'Conspiracy to Manufacture Firearms' by British police. Due to the information shown on website, police raided and searched three addresses belonging to the Luty family. They were looking, apparently, for 'prohibited firearms.'. ... A great deal of wanton damage was caused to property during these searches, apparently in revenge for failure to locate anything more dangerous than a collection of books and CDs! This is a direct challenge by the British authorities to our non-negotiable rights of Freedom of Speech and Artistic Licence."

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