Friday, April 22, 2005

NRA takes parting shot at major media: "The National Rifle Association may have fond feelings for Houston, but that affection apparently does not extend to the mainstream news media. .... as the convention attendees prepared to return to their homes around the country, members of a closing-day panel on news coverage encouraged them to find alternatives to mainstream media � which panelists variously described as elitist, biased and ignorant. "We all know the media is biased," said Cam Edwards, an NRA online talk show host who also has worked as a radio reporter in Oklahoma City. 'An anti-gun bias is prevalent in the media. But they won't admit it.'Edwards, who acknowledged he also has some biases, said there should be more stories about gun owners who successfully defend themselves, and less coverage of celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. "

Michigan: Moms, daughters take aim and fire at DNR event: "One of 6-year-old Kristen Carroll's feet dangled above the ground as she perched on her seat Saturday and focused on shooting a .22-caliber rifle at a paper target 25 yards away. "Watch where your gun's pointing," warned her mother, Michelle Carroll, as the ponytailed youngster in her bright orange sweat shirt and pink capri pants wiggled momentarily. Only one of Kristen's shots hit the target at the Rose Lake Shooting Range near Bath. But she pointed excitedly at her mother's bull's-eye after the two wrapped up practice at a mother-daughter shooting and hunter safety event sponsored by the state Department of Natural Resources."

Philippines: Half of gun owners fail to renew license: "Almost half of the country's nearly one-million legal gun owners failed to renew their firearms license, the Philippine National Police said Monday. Sr. Supt. Arturo Cacdac Jr., chief of the PNP's Firearms and Explosive Division, said records showed that out of 915,000 licensed firearm holders, 415, 320 did not renew their licenses. PNP chief, Director General Arturo Lomibao, said those who fail to renew their gun licenses should surrender their firearms to the police. "Starting May, we will send notices to holders of expired licenses," Lomibao said.He also ordered organizers of gun shows and shooting competitions to stop displaying assault weapons in their exhibits.High-powered firearms, Lomibao added, are for the exclusive use of the military and law-enforcement agencies."

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