Saturday, April 23, 2005

Guns in right hands deter crime: "Depending on who you ask, the constitutional "Right of the People to keep and bear Arms" means: Plan A: The right of soldiers and National Guardsmen to carry rifles when ordered to do so. Plan B: The right of approved citizens to apply for permits to carry (shudder!) concealed, loaded pistols. Plan C: The right of every responsible person to buy and carry such weapons as he or she sees fit. Loaded or unloaded. Concealed or openly. At home, in the car or on foot. On the other side of this issue is "gun control." Gun control is either a total or partial negation of the right of the people to keep and bear arms."

Fairness in firearms testing: "Good news! At the urging of freedom's friend Len Savage, Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia's 11th congressional district has introduced H.R. 1603, 'The Fairness in Firearm Testing Act.' This brief, clearly worded bill would require the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to video-record ALL tests it conducts on firearms and to make copies of the unedited recordings available to owners of the tested items and defendants in cases involving those items. ... Gun owners have been aware of such dirty ATF tricks for decades. ... If Rep. Gingrey's bill passes as written, the ATF will have a much harder time destroying American lives. If the bill doesn't pass (or gets weakened), then the ATF and a compliant court system will do everything they can to make sure We the People never again witness how that agency operates behind the scenes."

Activist judge circumvented: "Following the recent Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling, Reps. Larry Howes, R-Walker, and Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder, introduced new legislation supporting the Citizens Protection Act. "Once again activist judges are attempting to write the laws for Minnesota," Howes said. "This bill is essentially the same one that was approved by the Legislature last year but, hopefully, it won't be necessary. I'm optimistic the state Supreme Court will rule in favor of current law." The state Court of Appeals upheld a Ramsey County District Court ruling that stated legislators violated the state constitution's requirement that no law embrace more than one subject. The conceal and carry amendment was added on to a natural resources bill in 2003. Howes said the new legislation will be properly handled as a "stand-alone" bill. Sen. Carrie Ruud, R-Breezy Point, introduced the same bill in the Senate Friday. "I reintroduced this bill, because I think we need to have a fair standard applied across the state for people who want a permit," Ruud said. The legislators say the Citizens Protection Act is needed because it creates a uniform gun permitting system that features safeguards for those who apply""

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