Sunday, April 24, 2005

NYC shootout: "In what some police officers described as a shootout that �looked like it was a movie,� a suspected gunman who allegedly took part in an attempted home invasion robbery last Monday was shot four times by his intended victim, police from the 69th Precinct said. The victim�s name was not re-leased. The suspect, Negus Martin, 21, of Brooklyn Avenue, and another man, had apparently followed the victim as he entered his home on Flatlands Avenue near Rockaway Parkway at about 7:45 p.m. on March 21 and, wielding handguns, forced their way inside, also menacing his wife. As they forced the man and his wife to go to the basement, the victim�s wife distracted Martin, police said, giving the victim a chance to swing around, grab the gun from Martin�s hand and force both suspects back to the front door. As the second man aimed his weapon in his direction, the victim drew his own licensed 9mm handgun and fired, wounding Martin, who fell to the outside steps of the house. The second suspect aimed his gun at the victim again while helping Martin to his feet and the victim fired �several more shots� at the two suspects, who fled in a waiting car, according to police. Neither the victim nor his wife was wounded in the shootout. Less than an hour later, Martin walked into Kings County Hospital with four gunshot wounds to his chest and arms.... According to local authorities, there were no charges filed against the victim who shot Martin".

Black teenage pizza robber killed: "A 16-year-old Niagara Falls High School student with a criminal history was shot to death Wednesday night during a robbery in what Niagara Falls police called a "justified homicide." Anthony M. Sheard, of 13th Street, who would have turned 17 in two weeks, was shot in the head by a 54-year-old deliveryman for Mr. Ventry's Pizza. Police said Sheard and another person had tried to rob the deliveryman at gunpoint at 9:15 p.m. Wednesday in an alley on the 1300 block of Pierce Avenue... Sheard, who was carrying what appeared to be a gun, was shot once in the head while struggling with the deliveryman. "We believe the deliveryman acted in self-defense," Police Capt. Ernest Palmer said. "We know he saw a gun. Later, the gun we found at the scene turned out to be a Walther PPK look-alike gun that was actually a CO2 pellet gun." Police did not release the name of the deliveryman, citing fears he could be targeted for retribution. They said Sheard recently had been arrested on charges of felony gang assault and was accused of breaking another person's jaw. The deliveryman told police he struggled with the two masked robbers who tackled him in the alleyway near the pizza shop where he worked. "We found mud on his clothes, scrapes on his hands, and the contents of his pockets strewn about" the alleyway, Palmer said. Palmer said the deliveryman, who was registered to carry a concealed weapon, shot Sheard with a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun."

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