Sunday, April 03, 2005


An 83-year-old woman fought with an intruder in her home and fired two shots at him before he fled with her gun and purse. Mark Foulk, 44, of Fall Branch, was pulled over by a Sullivan County Sheriff's deputy about 20 minutes later and charged with DUI and speeding. Authorities at the jail found glass in his pockets and cuts on his hands and a gun and purse in his car. He was then charged with robbery and aggravated burglary. An intruder broke into the house of Clara Groseclose early Tuesday. She heard a noise downstairs, retrieved a handgun and went to check on it. Groseclose encountered a man near a broken window, and he demanded money, police said. She struggled with the man and fired two rounds at him. Police said Foulk had an abrasion on his face that could have come from the muzzle of the gun when it was fired. The man took Groseclose's gun and purse and fled. She had a minor cut on her knee from the struggle but was not seriously injured.


The latest Carnival of Cordite is up. Have a look at what is happening on other gun-related blogs

Kansas: Why you need guns "Intruders trying to shoot their way into a home Monday morning fired into a kitchen door, and on the other side sat three young children at a breakfast table. ... None of the children, nor a woman at the table with them, were hurt. But two men were in the Sedgwick County Jail awaiting criminal charges. A third intruder remained in a Wichita hospital with multiple gunshot wounds after one of the residents fired back."

Gunsmoke "I'm stunned that the reaction to last Tuesday's column on why Philadelphians want to carry guns was entirely positive -- except for a single e-mail. Since Philly is liberal, with more than its share of loopy leftists and column-writing, gun-hating hysterics, I thought I'd be picking buckshot out of my pants for a week. I got support, of course, from gun-owners, Libertarians, Second Amendment supporters and 'gun nuts,' but I heard from many everyday people who feel a deep need for personal protection. What does it mean if the 'anti-gun' crowd is largely mum in Philly?"

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