Friday, October 14, 2005

Good news from Romania: "The thief shot dead inside the home of fashion designer Romanita Iovan should be granted a post mortem medal for having contributed to the promotion of the new Penal Code. Bogdan Iancu, a recidivist, has ended his mission on Earth after having stolen a handful of jewels from the home of Iovan family. He was just getting ready to return to Ferentari base. The operation was a half success as the owner of the villa in Primaverii St. no longer waited for the hare hunting season to begin and discharged the weapon for such game into the body of the 27 year old man. Right to the target. The following day, the newspapers wrote that the dead man was to blame as the owner has released the trigger of the gun in self defense. Tens of prime time talk shows and hundreds of ads would not have aroused so much interest for the changes brought to the Penal Code like the Wednesday night execution did. The extensive coverage of the case made us understand that the term of self defense is no longer an obsolete reply in the American movies. Now, self defense is also working in Romania. "

The family gunsmith: "Each month, I will lead the reader through a simple maintenence, refurbishment, redesign, or upgrade procedure that can be accomplished at your desk or on your kitchen table, employing only a basic minimum of hand-tools. Although I am primarily an adventure novelist today, I've been a shooter for much longer, and the first writing I was ever paid for appeared in gun magazines. Each of these new articles will consist of clear digital photos made with camera and scanner, and explanatory text based on my 48 years of experience with firearms (I was a competitive shooter at age 11), and my 38 years as a gunsmith, holsterer, and professional reloader, with additional stories and information gathered by a lifelong firearms enthusiast."

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