Sunday, October 16, 2005

Texas: Man foils robbery by shooting attacker: "A northwest Harris County man foiled an attempted robbery early this morning when he shot and killed one of two men who confronted him as he was walking to his car, sheriff's deputies said. ... No charges have been filed against the shooter. 'It appears to be self-defense,' said Harris County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Denholm, who was at the scene. The shooter told police he left his home and was walking toward his car to go to work when the two suspects confronted him. There was a struggle before the man took out a concealed hand gun."

Florida: Pol goes after workplace gun bans: "State Rep. Dennis Baxley is confident his proposed bill to allow employees to have guns in their vehicles on work property is a surefire winner. 'It's a national issue, really. I felt like Florida should take a position,' the Ocala Republican said Tuesday. 'It's just a matter of time until the anti-gun lobby gets to every major employer.'"

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