Thursday, October 06, 2005

Supreme court okays frivolous gun suit: "The Supreme Court refused Monday to block a lawsuit against gun manufacturers accused of negligence for firearms violence in the nation's capital. An appeals court had said the District of Columbia government and individual gun victims -- including a man who was left a quadriplegic after being shot in 1997 -- could sue under a D.C. law that says gun manufacturers can be held accountable for violence from assault weapons"

Alaska: Anchorage expands gun rights: "If you go to the mall, stop to get gas, have an after-work drink out with friends, be aware -- the people around you may be packing heat. The list of places you can carry a weapon in Anchorage is about to expand. In just a few weeks you can add city buildings to that list. So KTUU-TV is taking a look at just where you can and cannot carry a firearm. 'The vast majority of Alaskans think they ought to be able to carry a firearm wherever they wish,' said Wayne Anthony Ross, National Rifle Association board member. ... It may surprise you to learn that in addition to being allowed to carry a concealed weapon, you can also carry one in plain sight. But realize it may raise some eyebrows."

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