Sunday, October 23, 2005

South Carolina: Store owner kills man in robbery: "A young man was killed by a store owner Monday when he walked into a convenience store, brandishing a small-caliber handgun and demanding money, Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams says. ... Long-time proprietor Lacey Duncan, who is in his late 70s, was minding the store when the gun-wielding man entered. As they struggled, the gun discharged, but the bullet did not hit anyone, the sheriff said. Hearing the noise, Duncan's wife came into the store from the residence that is attached to the store. Observing the men fighting each other, she came to her husband's defense, the sheriff said. Lacey Duncan then 'discharged an unknown caliber weapon, striking the (assailant) and causing his death,' Williams said."

Georgia: Commission fails to pull trigger on gun rule: "It's still legal for Houston County residents to fire a gun on their property without their neighbor's permission -- for now. Houston County commissioners held off on approving an ordinance Tuesday that would ban residents from firing a gun within 300 feet of an occupied building. The standing-room-only crowd broke into applause when the commission unanimously decided to table the measure. 'That's politics at work -- public input,' Commissioner Larry Thomson said after the meeting. About 50 people showed up for the hearing, some speaking in favor of the ordinance and even more speaking against it."

Dumb British female soldier: "A soldier's weapon has been missing for two days after it was left in a supermarket toilet during a military exercise. An army captain put her waistband holster on top of the cistern in a disabled loo during an exercise on and then left it behind, the Sun reports. The captain, reportedly based at barracks in Chicksands, Bedfordshire, soon realised her blunder and rushed back to the Sainsbury's store in Hitchin. But the US-made Sig Sauer 9mm automatic had gone, along with 13 blanks also in the holster. Hertfordshire police said that the loaded pistol had still not been found and could cause serious injury."

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