Saturday, October 15, 2005

Indiana: Intruder killed, man wounded in 2 shootings: "A Chicago man was killed in a shootout with a Westside apartment dweller during a home invasion Saturday morning. ... Police said Franklin and the slain man, both carrying firearms, accosted two women at the apartment in the 7100 block of Heather Ridge Court around 4 a.m. Douglas Jones, 23, Indianapolis, also was inside the apartment. A shootout occurred, police said, with Jones, formerly of Chicago, armed with a handgun and a rifle. The Chicago man was killed, and Franklin was apprehended later, police said."

California: Program teaching kids about guns draws fire: "Five-year-old Jeff Jagels of Bakersfield is just starting school in Kern County, but he already knows what to do when he sees a gun. And other 5-year-olds in his neighborhood are about to learn what Jagels knows, too. 'Stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult,' is what the youngsters are told by cartoon character Eddie Eagle. The Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program is a free National Rifle Association project that teaches kids what to do when they see a gun. And Jeff Jagels' father thinks it's a great idea. ... But others disagree. Local emergency room doctor Art Kellermann ... said. 'Rather than try over and over again to gun-proof our kids, I think we ought to child-proof our guns.'"

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