Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nevada: Elderly man fights back: "Police say an 82-year-old man was washing his car near E. Sahara and Bruce around 10 p.m. last night when two men approached him with weapons and demanded money. The elderly man told the suspects that he had left his money at home. According to police, one of the suspects got into the back seat of the victim's car, demanding to be taken to the victim's home. The victim had a pistol hidden inside of his car, and he shot the suspect. The suspect in turn fired at the victim, striking him in the chest.The victim was transported to the hospital where he is in serious condition. The suspect died from his gunshot wounds."

The San Francisco or Sam Colt solution: "If you had a flat tire, would you fix the problem by replacing your car's muffler? I know, it sounds funny. But that's exactly the logic permeating throughout San Francisco's City Hall. When San Francisco's murder rate spiked in 2004, it could only be expected that local politicians would seek a solution. ... If you think that Mr. and Mrs. Law-Abiding Citizen are to blame for a surge in murder, then I've got oceanfront property for sale in North Dakota. In fact, they are exactly the ones who would suffer because of this myopia. ... It is simply incredible that the gun control lobby still perpetrates the myth that guns are to blame for societal ills. What they don't want you to know is that empirical research continues to challenge their feckless arguments."

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