Friday, October 21, 2005

What a lot of BS! Do they think the bad guys are going to take any notice?: "High school students in Birmingham, Jefferson County and Hoover public schools this month are participating in a national effort to reduce gun violence. The Student Pledge Against Gun Violence is a national program that encourages young people to take the lead by pledging to not carry guns to school or use guns to settle disputes, and to influence friends to do the same, said J. Brian Huff, the presiding judge at Jefferson County Family Court. Family Court Senior Trial Referee Andra Sparks, who oversees Jefferson County's juvenile gun court, urged parents to support their kids who are willing to back the pledge. 'The value of this pledge can be taught at home,' Sparks said. Huff agreed, and said parents need to pay attention if their child doesn't want to sign the pledge."

"Security is going to be provided" -- what a laugh!: "The last thing we need in Louisiana right now is Washington interest groups making trouble over practical decisions in an unprecedented national crisis. The National Rifle Association is miffed at federal and local authorities because guns were banned in the Baker travel trailer park housing hurricane evacuees. Those people need homes, and security is going to be provided. They're living in flimsy trailers. An accidental discharge of a firearm might result in a bullet going through several residences."

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