Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Detroit, MIchigan: Man In Wheelchair Shoots Intruder: "A wheelchair-bound man shot an intruder in his home in the 8100 block of Alpine Road in Detroit Sunday night. The man said he saw the intruder as he was getting out of the shower. The homeowner told police he shot the man to protect his home and he feared for his life. He said he does not feel safe anymore, so he will be moving out of his home. Police said the intruder drove himself to the hospital. He is listed in critical condition."

Nevada: Man Shot During Burglary; Man Kills Suspect with Gun: "A man is in the hospital after being shot during a burglary Monday afternoon at his south Reno home. The incident happened just before 1:45pm on Britney Avenue in southwest Reno behind Walmart. Police say a resident came home from the grocery store to find a suspect burglarizing his home. Both ended up fighting over a gun. The unidentified resident was shot. He suffered non-life threatening injuries. But police say he then managed to get the gun away from the suspect and fatally shot him."

Louisiana: Two Men Arrested for Attempted Murder: "Detectives say the two then stole a car and made their way 7 miles across town to Cherokee Drive, where two motorcycles caught their eye. But there was one problem, they had no keys. Plus they were being watched by a neighbor. When the neighbor confronted them, he was allegedly forced at gunpoint to knock on the homeowner's door. "The neighbor was forced at gunpoint to knock and try and wake his neighbor up. He ended up fleeing and then the homeowner wouldn't open the door. So the suspects ended up taking off but not before shooting the door and narrowly missing the homeowner of that residence," said Mancuso. By this time deputies were on the scene and saw the suspects flee in the stolen car. A chase ensued. Mancuso says, "They actually dismantled the shotgun while the police were chasing them and threw the parts out the window." After getting rid of the weapon, the men ditched the car and fled on foot. Detectives brought in the dog, eventually catching up with Graham, while Willis was caught a short time later at his grandparents' home".

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