Sunday, September 23, 2007

Texas Business Owner Shoots, Kills Burglar, Police Say: "Dallas police said a man shot and killed a burglar who broke into his business early Saturday, NBC 5 reported. The shooting happened at Walton Machine and Welding in the 2000 block of Chalk Hill Road, police said. Police did not release the deceased man's identity. There was no word on whether the business owner will face charges."

Oklahoma: Tulsan acquitted in brother's shooting death: "A Tulsa man was acquitted Friday night in the shooting death of his younger brother. Defense attorney Allen Smallwood successfully argued that Benjamin Smith, 27, acted in self-defense when he shot Samsun Smith, 22, in the chest during an altercation in March 2006. Smallwood called the outcome a "major victory" for the Smith family, who endured seven hours of deliberation before learning the verdict. In his closing arguments, Smallwood pleaded with jurors to think about the effect the case would have on society. ''You are going to tell Tulsa County whether a person has the right to defend themselves like Benjamin Smith did,'' Smallwood said. The altercation, which took place at a family residence in west Tulsa, escalated when Benjamin Smith aimed a rifle at Samsun Smith, testimony indicated. Immediately before he was shot, Samsun Smith threw a pillow at his brother and took a step backward. Assistant District Attorney Mike Abel, representing the state, said this showed Benjamin Smith was not acting in "reasonable" fear but rather wanted to control his brother.... " [A pillow is dangerous??]

Outlaw all knives!: "Despite a much-touted reduction in shootings in Boston, police are now confronting a troubling rise in the number of stabbings, which have jumped 10 percent over the same period last year and are on track to reach their highest point in four years. Savvy criminals, aware of the tougher punishments levied for gun violations, have begun wielding blades instead, Boston law enforcement officials believe."

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