Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Illinois: Clerk Shoots Robber in head: "A store clerk on the West Side fought back against an alleged robber, shooting him in the head. Chicago police say Monday evening the suspect is in stable condition. "He produced the weapon, announced the robbery," said Sgt. Rich Dowling of the Chicago Police Department. "The clerk produced the cash register, at which time he also produced a weapon, and he began firing at the offender." A man who identified himself as belonging to a local street gang, but declined to give his name, said he is a close friend of the man who was shot. "He our friend. We be together every day," the man said. "Just so happened today we weren't with him. When asked if he thought his friend was trying to rob the hardware store, the man said, "He might have. He might was. If he feel he was robbin' that store, he did what he did." A clerk at a currency exchange next door told CBS 2 that she and the hardware store's owner had called police last week after robbers took cash at gunpoint from a now-shuttered office. She feared that street gang members were sizing them up in preparation for attempting a robbery. "It's time for us to stand up for the victims," Shirley Walls said. "This was a black-owned business. Black-owned." She warmly praised the hardware store clerk who shot in self defense. "He just got married. He has a family," Walls said. "He's trying to make an honest living...This guy came in on him." Police told CBS 2 detectives had gone to Holy Cross Hospital to await permission from doctors to interview the wounded suspect."

Minnesota: Jailbird reoffends: "Prosecutors charged a killer today with trying to burglarize two homes seven months after his release from jail. Feon Stone, 21, is to appear in court Tuesday on a probation violation. He may be sent to prison on his previous manslaughter conviction, for which he had received a stayed sentence. On Sept. 13, at about 1 a.m., officers were sent to the 1200 block of Rice Street on reports of a man trying to burglarize a house, according to a complaint filed against Stone today by the Ramsey County attorney's office. According to the complaint: A man who lives in the home was working on his computer and heard a noise. When he went to check, he saw someone enter his enclosed porch. The man confronted the person on the porch and yelled at him. The intruder ran toward the man and punched him in the head. They fought, and the man ran to his bedroom to get a gun. He went into the back yard and shot a round into the ground to scare the intruder away. A police dog was tracking the suspect when police got a call about 1:15 a.m. about a burglary in progress at a home about two blocks away. The caller, a 74-year-old woman, told police a man was in her bedroom. Officers found Stone inside and the basement window kicked in... In January, Ramsey County District Judge Salvador Rosas sentenced Stone to about seven years in prison for manslaughter for killing his girlfriend's uncle, Christopher Beck, but stayed the sentence. He also sentenced Stone to one year in jail and 15 years probation."

Harassment of Ryan Horsley of Red's Trading Post: "You know ... I've been in the Army for seven years -- both active duty and National Guard. One of the biggest things that is always drilled into our heads is that we are accountable for taxpayer money, which pays us all. We are to report fraud, waste and abuse if we see it. We are the guardians of the tax dollars that give us equipment, our salary and fund our missions. As far as I know, the ATF -- a government agency funded by taxpayer dollars -- has the same critical responsbility. So how many more audits ... how many more agents ... how many more manhours will be spent on shutting up Ryan Horsley of Red's Trading Post? How much more taxpayer money will be wasted on retribution and the attempt to shut down a legitimate businessman?"

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