Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Georgia home-invaders shot: "One apparent robber was killed and another critically injured after they were shot in a Brunswick home invasion early Monday morning. The two men kicked in the front door of the home at 601 Wolfe St., where about a dozen people were hanging out around 1:30 a.m., Sgt. Kevin Jones said. Witnesses said the two men both drew their guns, but one of the men at the house pulled out his handgun and started firing, Jones said. One of the intruders was shot in the side and pronounced dead at the home. The other was shot in the abdomen and was taken to Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center. Police did not release any names but said the hospitalized man is 18 years old. Jones said he was in critical condition as of Monday morning, but the hospital could not provide any further update. The people in the south Brunswick home were in their late teens and 20s, Jones said. The man who shot the suspects does not live at the house and is not expected to be criminally charged in the shootings, Jones said. According to Georgia law, if a person is in fear of great bodily harm or death, that person can use deadly force in self-defense".

Oklahoma: Security guard fires shot during altercation: "Several arrests were made Sunday morning and a shot was fired in a fight at a Norman apartment complex. The Norman Police Department was notified of a weapons call at the Dutch Hallow Apartments, 1201 Oakhurst Ave., 1:10 a.m. Sunday. Initially, the police were told there had been a hit and run accident and security guards were holding three people at gunpoint, according to a police release. The first police officers to arrive saw a fight between two males in the street. The officers also saw a female security guard fire one shot from a handgun in the direction of the men fighting. Norman police officers took control of the situation and detained four people, including the two security guards. One additional person — identified as Lelis Record, 21, of Norman — was combative with officers, the release said. Record was brought under control with the use of a Taser and arrested on charges of disturbing the peace and public intoxication. Record was taken to Norman Regional Hospital where he was treated and released for injuries sustained in the fight with the security guard."

Maryland man shoots bear in self-defense: "Maryland Natural Resources Police said Friday they will not charge an Amish Road man who shot a bear after it charged him and his wife and then attempted to come through a window after the couple sought refuge inside their home Wednesday evening. “They had every right to do what they did,” said Clarissa Harris, a biologist with the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service. “It is appropriate to defend yourself or your family or your livestock.” NRP Sgt. Ken Turner said Friday that the husband and wife heard commotion outside their house and then saw a bear trying to get at two penned goats. “The man said he shouted at the bear and the bear turned and ran toward the couple. He told the investigating officer that he was glad nobody was seated on the porch because the bear moved so quickly that they would not have had time to get into the house,” Turner said. The bear then attempted to pull an air conditioning unit out of the window frame as the wife held onto the unit from inside. The husband grabbed a shotgun, loaded it with No. 4 pellets and shot through the window at the bear, according to Turner. The couple called Maryland State Police at 7:30 p.m. and at 8 p.m. a NRP officer arrived to find the bear struck in the head and neck area and lying, still alive, in the yard. Turner said the officer then put the bear down."

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