Sunday, September 09, 2007

Virginia: What Will Happen To Ice Cream Store Manager Who Killed Robber?: "When robbery victims strike back, you can almost see Lady Justice rolling her eyes, especially when the robber winds up fatally shot while trying to make his getaway. That's apparently what happened Thursday night when a career criminal fresh out of prison stuck up the Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors at 6940 Forest Hill Avenue, just around the corner from his house. Lady Justice won't care that the deceased robber, 43-year-old Jerome Davis, wielded a BB gun. The self-defense statutes say if the victim thinks it's a gun - especially if the perp is using it like a real gun - then it is the legal equivalent of a functional, fully loaded firearm. But the law gets much blurrier when the robber gets shot while in the act of fleeing. Jerome Davis was shot at least once in the back while allegedly trying to run out of the store. He managed to run the few blocks to his Cherokee Road home before collapsing in the yard, where police dogs found him bleeding to death. So what will happen to the as-yet unnamed store manager? Short answer: Probably nothing. He'll likely have to sweat it out for a while, and then live with the knowledge he killed somebody, which might not be as simple as it seems. It's been a long, long time since the victim of a store robbery was prosecuted for blasting off. The idea that Davis may have been fleeing the store - threat supposedly over - isn't necessarily a big deal, Hicks said, since robbers have been known to return and open fire."

Michigan Bar owner chases down .44 Magnum-toting robber: "On Thursday around noon, a man in a camouflage mask and clothing and carrying a .44 Magnum handgun and a bag walked into Ott's bar, Poor Nate's Tavern, in the township of Dellona about 50 miles northwest of Madison. The bartender, who declined to give her name, said the robber never pointed the gun at her, but went straight to the money drawer. She began screaming for Ott, who was upstairs doing the bar's books, as the robber headed out the back door with nearly $5,000 in his bag. The 68-year-old Ott came charging downstairs and burst out the back door after the robber, shouting at him to stop. "I told him, 'Give me my frickin' money back,"' Ott said. Ott followed the robber through the countryside behind the bar, careful to keep his distance. The robber ducked from tree to tree, looking back at him from time to time, Ott said. He ran up a hill toward some rental cottages before Ott found him trying to hide behind a shed. Ott walked the robber back to the bar and made him sit at a table until Sauk County Sheriff's deputies arrived. Ott said he recognized the 31-year-old robber once he had the mask off him. He had come into the bar in the past to cash checks, Ott said, which explains how the robber knew where the money was. The man offered no explanation for the robbery or his decision to surrender, Ott said. "He just said he was sorry after I found out who he was," Ott said. Sauk County Chief Deputy Chip Meister said chasing down a man who has a .44 Magnum may not have been the wisest move, but it worked. Ott said he didn't have a plan when he went out the back door. "I just wanted to follow him and, I guess, see where he went to and see if he got in a car and get a license number or whatever. I just stayed my distance and yelled at him and finally he gave up. He just handed me the gun and the money and that was it."

Guns on campus: Time to litigate: "When it comes to banning guns on campus, and when students suffer damages (such as wrongful death) due to an interference with their civil rights, is there a liability on the part of the campus who writes and enforces such a gun ban? We are no longer discussing banning guns on campus for some theoretical safety reasons, we are now discussing the fate of students when those policies and politics have failed. Policies of banning weapons are clearly understood now to act to the detriment of the very people the policies claimed to protect and much, much more than the what-if's of general concealed carry on campus squabbling."

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