Thursday, September 27, 2007

Florida: Beaten Man Says 911 Dispatcher Had Him Return To Scene: "A disabled east Orange County man says a 911 operator told him to return to the scene where he was allegedly beaten by a group of thugs. When he got there, he said, he was almost beaten again by the same group until he used his gun to defend himself. John Holloway says a group of thugs tried to rob him after he picked up some groceries at a State Road 50 Circle K. He said he was punched and the men broke the windows out of his truck before he escaped. Holloway was then shocked to be told he needed to come back to the scene to get the address of the only Circle K in Christmas. "Hit me three times in the head with his fist," Holloway said. In the serene sounding town of Christmas, with one prosthetic leg and another leg paralyzed, Holloway was no match for five men surrounding to rob him. "All the sudden they're kicking and beating on my car and hollering at me, 'We're gonna get you! 'We're coming to your house. We're gonna get you and after we kill you, we're gonna take everything you have,'" he said. .. Holloway said, when he went back, he had his pistol in his hand and, when they attacked again, he fired one shot and scared the men away. The sheriff's office listed both Holloway and his attackers as victims and suspects. Apparently Holloway's mistake was firing his weapon to scare the men away. He said he did what he felt he had to do for his protection. There was no word if the 911 operator will be reprimanded for sending Holloway back to the scene".

Louisiana: Shootout at Casino: "What started as an armed robbery in Calcasieu Parish Louisiana led to a group of men in a shoot out with a security guard at a casino. The men didn't get far. “Mr. Budwine has been a constant nuisance to Vinton for a long time,” said Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John Degrosier. Investigators say Kenyon Budwine from Vinton and three men from Orange began a crime spree in Calcasieu Parish early Wednesday morning. The four men were armed with handguns and a shot gun. Authorities say they took what they could grab from an EZ Mart. Down the road, three of the men attempted to rob the Cash Majic Truckstop casino about an hour later. “We got another call of a robbery in progress,” said Mancuso. But a quick thinking security guard kept them out. They exchanged gunfire and bullets struck Budwine. In an attempt to get away, the men drove across the Texas border where Orange County Deputies stopped them. “Getting ready to put him out of business, where he's going he won't bother anyone for a long time,” said Degrosier. This isn't the first offense for Budwine. Vinton police say in the past he robbed a truck stop and got away with more than $1,000. All four of the men are being held under one million dollar bonds in the Orange County jail, but they'll be headed back to Louisiana soon."

Cleveland mayor "all wet" on anti-gun proposal to stem crime: "A proposal by anti-gun Cleveland, OH Mayor Frank Jackson to make firearm possession illegal by anyone under age 21 is a non-solution to a genuine problem of violent crime, and like all gun control laws, it targets the wrong people, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today. Mayor Jackson's suggestion came after the killing of a 12-year-old girl caught in a crossfire near her home Sept. 1. However, one of the suspects in that gun battle, Eric Romel Wilson, would not have been affected by such a law because he is 35 years old, and due to his criminal history, he cannot legally own a gun."

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