Tuesday, September 18, 2007

North Carolina Intruder Shot, Killed: "Deputies are investigating a breaking-and-entering case in which they said the intruder was shot and killed. The incident occurred just after 8 a.m. Monday in Surry County. Authorities said a man woke up and found another man climbing through a ladder and going through his window. The homeowner confronted 55-year-old Howard Jones as he came off the ladder, investigators said. Jones was shot twice with a rifle and later died at a local hospital, according to the Surry County Sheriff's Office. Authorities said it wasn't the first time Jones had broken into the home. No charges have been filed.

Florida: Accomplice in fatal store robbery caught: "The Broward Sheriff's Office said detectives have arrested the accomplice of a robbery suspect shot and killed last week by a store clerk at an Oakland Park clothing store. Michael McNeal, 19, was taken into custody Sunday outside a church in the 200 block of SW 27 Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. McNeal, of Fort Lauderdale, faces several charges, including murder, robbery, burglary and carjacking. He remains in jail without bond. Store clerk George Azar, 25, shot and killed McNeal's friend, Hung Nguyen, 17, after they entered the Corner Urban Wear store armed with handguns, detectives said. Detectives believe McNeal fled on foot after the shooting. Azar was not injured in the incident and has not been charged. If investigators find that Azar shot Nguyen in self-defense, the shooting would become the fifth such death in the county this year."

West Virginia: Coyote shot: "Brian Akers and a group of neighbors were standing outside when a sickly looking coyote approached them. They tried to run the coyote off by chasing it away with a four-wheeler, but the coyote wasn't startled. After the coyote lunged and attempted to bite a neighbor, Mr. Akers shot and killed the animal. The coyote was taken to the Bland County Health Department and is now undergoing testing for rabies".

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