Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alabama invader shot: "Witnesses say three men kicked down the door to a Montgomery man's home and only two made it out without being shot. Montgomery police responded to the shooting in the 2700 block of Cherry Street around 6:30 Monday evening and found 22-year-old Tavaris Trammer lying on the floor with gunshot wounds to the neck and leg. The resident was also shot in the arm. According to MPD spokesman Captain Huey Thornton witnesses reported that three men kicked in the door, attempted to rob the resident and then shot him in the arm. The resident then used a 9mm handgun and shot Mr. Trammer in the neck and leg. The other two suspects fled the scene, one ran out the front door and the other jumped out a window. Trammer was taken to Jackson Hospital where he is in serious but stable condition. Doctors say he may be paralyzed from the neck down. The resident was also treated for his wounds."

Tennessee Home Invasions: "Home invasions plagued North and South Nashville homes overnight. The first home invasion happened at a home off McKinnie Avenue where police said four men entered through the opened front door and ransacked the house. The victim was able to grab his hand gun and fire several shots before the suspects fled. Police thought some of the men drove off in a car, while others may have made their getaway on foot. A K-9 unit on the scene did pick up a scent but was not able to track the suspects. The victim was not able to give police a good description of any of the suspects."

TX: Some worried by law that allows drivers to have weapon: ""The state's new castle law has grabbed the spotlight. But some say a lesser-known gun law, which also took effect in September, could have greater consequences. The law allows Texans to carry guns in their cars, even without a concealed handgun license. As long you meet the law's other requirements - such as not being a gang member, refraining from criminal acts and keeping the gun out of sight - you can pack heat in your glove box. `Castle is just kind of yawn,' said Alice Tripp, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association. Texans have always enjoyed robust rights of self-defense. But the gun carrying law `is dramatic,' she said."

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